MBA 2006 October

                                    COOPERTOWN BOARD OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN


                                                                  MEETING MINUTES


                                                                   OCTOBER 24, 2006



I.          Call to Order:   Acting Mayor Long


II.                   Roll Call:


Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder, conducted a roll call.  The following members were present:


Jack Long, Jr., Acting Mayor

Donnie Gill, Alderman

Peggy Ruth, Alderman

Terry Scott, Alderman


III.                  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Acting Mayor Long.


IV.                Bank Balances:  General Government:  $193,353.51

    State Street Aid:  $98,026.31

    Landfill Legal Fund:  $2,824.74


V.                  Public Forum:


Jason Wheat requested information regarding privacy fencing and distinction between abandoned or a vacant building.  Mayor Long stated this case was under litigation and would not be discussed.


Glenda Slawson stated that she offered a peace branch when Vice Mayor Long assumed the position as acting mayor and now requests a two-three minute dissertation on what he has accomplished as Acting Mayor.  She requested that the information be presented after the meeting.


Don Duncan asked for information regarding Old Coopertown Road and the repairs that are required in regards to the right-of-way and ditches.  He requested an update on the purchase of a tractor from Alderman Ruth.


Kay Morris requested that her current name be used instead of her former name "Wingo in future meeting minutes.  She stated that she wanted it recorded in the meeting minutes that she holds Mayor Crosby and Acting Mayor Long personally responsible for the death of former Chief of Police E. J. Bernard.  Acting Mayor Long responded to the comment by stating "that was uncalled for.


VI.                Acting Mayor Long presented the Minutes of the Mayor and Aldermen meeting for September 26, 2006.  A motion was made by Acting Mayor Long to waive the oral reading and accept the minutes as written.  Motion was seconded by Alderman Gill.  Motion passed unanimously.


At this time Acting Mayor Long requested a change to the agenda to accommodate the school officials.  A motion was made by Acting Mayor Long, seconded by Alderman Ruth and approved unanimously.


VII.               New Business:


Discussion of the purchase of a security system for Coopertown Elementary School.


Acting Chief Dave Barrera gave a brief overview of the walk-through inspection conducted by Sgt. Rodney Porter and himself with the school principal and her staff.  With the recent national events, the need for an updated system for the elementary school is a high priority for both the school and the police department.


Ms. Lori Smith, principal, stated her appreciation of the police department and the extra attention it now receives.  Ms. Smith presented an overview of the present structure and the limited security available.  Robertson County officials, along with the school board members, are well aware of the situation and the need to upgrade security.  At present, the Watch Dog security system in place now is over 5 years old.


Mr. J. Marshall, Robertson County Board of Education, Technical Support, discussed the pros and cons of the system provider.  The school board is discussing the upgrade of security systems in conjunction with the school rebuild projects.  The complete study should be completed within the next three months with a plan of action.  At present, the elementary school is at least three years away from a major renovation which would include a new wing and HVAC in the gym.


There was a question from Alderman Scott regarding the school portable buildings and the intercom system.  It was addressed and answered by school staff in that all portables are full, and the intercom system is used for weather warnings, etc.


Alderman Ruth had questions directed toward the type of system”strictly a camera system with recording capabilities.  It was asked if the front/side doors were locked during school hours, and the answer was yes.  The system in place allows students free access within the school with limited access from the outside.


A question from Alderman Gill addressed the doors being locked, but with the hallways open to all students.


At the time Mr. Boyter, Robertson County School Board member, presented an overview of the difficulties facing the school board in addressing the security issues of all Robertson County schools.


Acting Mayor Long thanked the school officials for their presentations and said the security system would be reviewed and discussed by the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen.


At that time, the agenda returned to its format.





VIII.             Reports:


Alderman Ruth provided an update on the I-24 lighting project in which she has spoken with Pleasant View Mayor McCarver.  The county and cities involved are ready to proceed.  Alderman Ruth stated the initial cost has risen with Coopertown's share around $40,000 in capital outlay.


Alderman Scott addressed the Board and members of the audience in that this was his last meeting since he is not seeking re-election.  He stated he hoped that during his tenure he represented the people in this ward and requested the Board will continue to focus on the roads within the city limits.


IX.                Old Business:


Mayor Long introduced Ordinance 2006-04, setting the 2006-2007 Budget, second reading.  A motion was made by Alderman Scott to adopt the budget and seconded by Mayor Long.  A vote was taken and passed unanimously.


Mayor Long introduced a motion from the Board regarding the selection for the chief of police.  Alderman Ruth requested that the selection process be delayed until the elections are completed and the new board members review all candidates and select the chief of police.


Alderman Scott stated that the board had selected the past two chiefs of police and did not feel comfortable selecting this position since he would make a decision for the newly selected aldermen. 


Acting Mayor Long presented information that a selection process was developed, selection committee members appointed, individual interviews conducted with the committee members' understanding that a recommendation be presented and a selection made.  Mayor Long asked two members of the selection committees for their input. 


Mrs. Shannon Crutcher stated that the interviews were conducted, recommendations made, and there was nothing new to review.


Mr. Brian Rettaliata explained the selection/interview process developed and utilized by the selection committee.  He directed several questions to Aldermen Ruth and Scott in that putting the decision off until the new aldermen were in place was not only unfair to the candidates but to the aldermen themselves.


Alderman Gill agreed with the members of the selection committee. 


Acting Mayor Long again stated the motion for the recommendation for selection of the chief of police was still on the table.  Alderman Gill seconded the motion to select Acting Chief Dave Barrera as the new chief of police.  The results of the board were as follows:


Acting Mayor Long:   Yes

Alderman Gill:  Yes

Alderman Ruth:  No

Alderman Scott:  Abstain


The motion carried 2-1 in favor.



X.                  New Business:


Mayor Long introduced Resolution 2006-07, which would provide Coopertown Middle School PTO with $9,000.00 for the purchase of additional football equipment.  Alderman Scott interjected that the football season had ended and saw no need for this item to be discussed further.  Members of the audience voiced their opinions that the money should be for education, not athletics.  This resolution was tabled until the new board meets at its regularly scheduled meeting.


Mayor Long introduced Resolution 2006-08, which would provide Coopertown Elementary School PTO with $10,000.00 for the purchase of additional computers and printers.  A motion was made by Alderman Scott for this resolution and seconded by Acting Mayor Long.  This resolution passed unanimously.


Discussion was held regarding the appointment of a committee to research the de-annexation.  This agenda item was tabled indefinitely due to the current voting       regarding the process.


Discussion regarding the Coopertown Elementary School security system needs and the presentation by the school officers were reviewed.  This agenda item was tabled until the next board meeting so that the newly elected aldermen can participate in future discussions and/or decisions.


Chief Barrera presented a request from Officer Compton, School Resource Officer, for $1,200.00 for the SERTA program at the Coopertown Middle School.  These funds would be used for an annual picnic/cookout type, meet and greet function to create interest for the program.


Alderman Scott recommended this function be dovetailed with the upcoming school Fall Festival.  Alderman Scott made the motion to provide SRO Compton with $200.00 for the SERTA program request.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


XI.                Report from Police Chief:


While the school security system is a big issue, from a police department standpoint, it is a crime epidemic that needs to be addressed.  Chief Barrera stated that he feels very strongly about this issue.  The members of the police force are willing to give up capital outlay funding designated for new replacement vehicles to assist in the purchase of a security system for the elementary school.


At the present time, the only School Resource Officer is assigned to the Middle School, and one is not projected for the elementary school.


Department update reveals that a full-time detective position is being handled by Officer Rush.  Corporal Rush is an experienced officer and is currently handling cases that were given to the Robertson County Sheriff's Department.


Chief Barrera discussed the recent "bomb incident and several suspects are being interviewed.  Coordination among the local agencies during the incident was nothing short of outstanding.


The statistics for October 2006 are as follows:


116 calls for service

36 reports

151 traffic citations

61 traffic warnings

5 arrests

1 injury accident


There are schedule changes internally to address the needs of the city and provide coverage as required.  Coverage is 24/7 with at least two officers on duty.


In conjunction with the Governor's Highway Safety Program, a DUI roadblock will be conducted the following weekend at an unknown location.


The present staff is 11 officers who include 8 full-time, 1 intern, and 2 part-time officers.  Officer Powers (P/T) will be leaving November 2, 2006 to take a position overseas with the U.S. Department of State.


XII.               Communications from the Mayor:


The financial audit will be conducted by John Poole, CPA, on November 20 “ 21, 2006 at City Hall.


The I-24 lighting project is ongoing with the possibility of an upscale motel and restaurant being looked at.


The Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be required to file a "Statement of Disclosure of Interests with the Tennessee Ethics Commission prior to January 1, 2007.  The city recorder has the necessary forms.


In conjunction with the Tennessee Ethics Commission, the City will need to pass the Ethics Ordinance prior to July 1, 2007.


With no further items, the meeting was adjourned.




Minutes Submitted:  Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder



Minutes Approved:   Danny Crosby, Mayor



ATTEST:  Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder