MBA 2006 November



                                             MEETING MINUTES


                                            NOVEMBER 28, 2006



I.                     Call to Order:  Mayor Danny Crosby


II.                   Pledge of Allegiance


III.                  Swearing-In Ceremony of Robert Dale Anderson and Larry Muhlstadt


IV.               Roll Call:   Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder, conducted roll call.  The following were present:


Mayor Danny Crosby

Peggy Ruth, Alderman

Larry Muhlstadt, Alderman

Donnie Gill, Alderman

Robert Dale Anderson, Alderman


V.        Bank Balances:   General Government:   $193,934.79

                                       State Street Aid:   $85,084.57

                                       Landfill/Legal Fund:   $2,824.74


VI.        Public Forum:   Mrs. Shannon Crutcher presented an award to Jack Long, Jr. in

            recognition of his service to Coopertown.


VII.              The Minutes of the Meeting of October 24, 2006 were presented.  Motion was

made by Alderman Gill and seconded by Alderman Ruth to waive oral reading of the Minutes.  The motion passed unanimously.


VIII.      Reports from Committees, Communications from Aldermen:


Chief Dave Barrera gave his report. He discussed a traffic stop that occurred on Highway 49.  The officer stopped the driver for DUI.  He had a suspended drivers license.  He also had 8 blunt cigarettes.  The tobacco is taken out, and they are packed with marijuana.  He also gave the officer false information about his identity.  The appropriation he had in his budget for the year was $515,712.  He stated his department has spent $185,852.10 of the money budgeted.  The remainder of the budget for the next 6 months is $329,869.90. 





IX.      Old Business:


A.       I-24 Interchange Lighting Project Update.  Mayor Crosby discussed phone calls he has made regarding the poles and the fact that 45 foot poles will not provide adequate lighting for the new businesses and the people that he has talked with on the interstate.  He stated he has asked the engineer to go back and do what he asked them in the beginning, give them a report on the 90 and the 100 foot poles.  Mr. Lee Jones sent him a letter, stating it  would  take 9 to 10 in number, for an estimated cost of $500,000.  Mayor Crosby stated that this is strictly an estimated cost.  There will be another $5,000 in design work that will have to be done.  Mayor Crosby stated that adding the taller towers requires additional geographical work.  There may be some rock that will have to be drilled.   He has looked at this and doesn't see the need in lighting an exchange, and in 3 or 4 years the city of Coopertown having to come back and having to pay for this out of their budget completely.  Mr. Bradley is taking it before their Finance Committee meeting which Mr. Niec stated is the coming Thursday.  He did not see any problems with this.  Mayor Crosby asked what the Board's wishes were on this.   Alderman Ruth stated she prepared a report.  She stated that at the last meeting when they discussed it, Acting Mayor Long asked if she would take on the project.  She said she would give the Board what she came up with.  She stated she wasn't aware that Mayor Crosby had requested a new estimate.  She stated she talked with Ms. Sartor that afternoon.  Mayor Crosby asked if her report was with the way they drew it the first time, with the 45 foot poles.  She replied yes. He stated it won't light the exchange up.  Mayor Crosby stated that was why he went back and asked them to do it as he had asked them to do it in the beginning with the 90 and the 100 foot poles.   Mayor Crosby stated that since they have three other entities helping out with the lighting right now, if they don't provide sufficient lighting, in 3 or 4 years Coopertown will have to foot the entire bill.  He stated that once the other entities do this first attachment, getting them to come back and redo it would probably not be very feasible.  The 45 foot poles will not light the exchange other than ½ mile away from the exit.  The 90 to 100 foot poles will give access to enter and exit off the interstate and the security that will come with the lights for the new businesses that are coming.  Mayor Crosby stated the lighting is the main concern with businesses that have talked to him.  An Alderman mentioned the security and that he doesn't want to pull off if it's not lit up and he doesn't know where he is.  Alderman Ruth asked about a meeting between all the entities.  She stated she had talked with Mayor McCarver from Pleasant View that day, and he stated that Mr. Niec had called him and quoted him about a quarter of a million dollar figure when all they were counting on was the $44,000 figure.  She stated she also talked to Mr. Fenton at the Cheatham County Economic Development Council, and she has given the Board a copy of the figures he provided her.  She has also talked with Ms. Sartor at the Department of Transportation.  She told Alderman Ruth she was unaware that Mayor Crosby had spoken with Mr. Jones about a different requirement. Alderman Ruth stated there would be quite a bit more money needed than they were expecting.  Robertson County hasn't brought it before their budget committee and their commissioners yet.  She stated that she understands that they will have to amend their budget to approve the amount.  She stated they are still a little way off on the Robertson County approval.  She said it was their understanding back when they voted a year and a half ago that they had the Robertson County approval.  She stated she asked Ms. Sartor about a line about something about lights in the sky.  Mayor Crosby said that in talking with Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones has said that once you put the businesses in, Coopertown will have to come back and redo it.  They will not be satisfied with the lighting.  Mayor Crosby said he has people looking at tearing down stores, building new stores.  This is something that they have been back and forth with for the last six or seven months.   Mayor Crosby stated again the need for 90 to 100 foot poles.   Mr. Jones has given the Board a rough estimate.  He stated he feels that enough time has been wasted.  The question was asked regarding the original vote, and if it was on the 90 or 100 foot poles.  Alderman Ruth stated that she didn't think they had any specifications at the time.  She stated she gave him a copy of the Minutes.  Mayor Crosby stated that Ms. Sartor and another gentleman told him that it would take 7 on the 90 footers.  He stated he couldn't see investing money, and then having to come back around two or three years later out of their own pocket.  Mayor Crosby asked if the Board had a wish on this, or did he have a motion.  Mayor Crosby stated the Board has 2 different ways to do the lighting before it.  A question was raised about Coopertown's part with the taller poles.  The cost for the higher poles would be approximately $62,500 for each entity. That is a rough estimate, just as is the $500,000.  Mayor Crosby stated he said that it wouldn't exceed that.  Alderman Ruth said that would be 62 plus the 44.  Mayor Crosby stated no, that would be 62,500 for each entity, Robertson County, Coopertown, Pleasant View and Cheatham County.  An alderman stated that if he was reading it right, Ms. Ruth has got they would have $44,374 between the four entities.  Alderman Ruth said that would include the amount for the design costs they have to pay up front, and the 41 of the construction costs.  She stated that it looks like Mr. Jones is saying that the design costs would rise also by about $10,000.  An alderman stated that it looked that there was about $18,000 difference.  Mayor Crosby responded yes, somewhere in that area.  Alderman Ruth stated that then there would be an additional for the design cost.  The alderman asked if the design cost was figured into the $62,500, and Mayor Crosby responded yes.  Alderman Ruth stated she didn't think so.  She said if the new amount was $500,000, and the State pays half, then there is $250,000 to be split four ways, if in fact Robertson County votes to go along.  That would be Coopertown's 62,000.  She stated they would also have their part of the $30,000 to $35,000.  Mayor Crosby asked Mr. Niec regarding the $500,000.  Mr. Niec stated that was $500,000 total.  Mr. Niec stated that what he entered in there was the design.  Fifty percent would be shared between the four entities.  Alderman Ruth stated that she didn't know if they had a copy of the letter in front of them, but  the way she reads it says an estimated cost of $500,000, design costs will rise to $30,000 to $35,000.  Mr. Niec responded that the design cost was in the $500,000.  He was just letting them know that the original cost was going to $30,000 to $35,000.  Mayor Crosby mentioned that when this first got started, that the original price that was quoted back seven or eight years ago was $18,000 to $20,000.  He stated that in the last year, he has had 3 or 4 increases in concrete prices.  Mayor Crosby stated that they are up to $62,500.  With the price of labor, the price of concrete, the price of materials, the price of wiring, they need to get this going.  There was discussion regarding the cost of the different size poles. Alderman Ruth said that the amount they had already voted for in July of 05 was $18,000.   Alderman Ruth stated she feels they should first find out if Robertson County Commissioners vote in favor and amend their budget.  She stated they would need to find out, since they were jumping from 18,000 to 44,000, or possibly 62,000, they need to have the Finance Committee look at it because it is an unforeseen cost.  It was asked if Cheatham County and Pleasant View were already on board with the new figure.  Mayor Crosby answered yes.  Alderman Ruth argued that they were not.  She stated that she had talked to them both that day, and the figure they were working with was the $44,000.  Mr. Niec stated that he talked to Mayor Orange, he talked with McCarver, and he talked with Mayor Bradley. Mayor Bradley assured him that it was on the agenda for the Finance Committee.  He is on board, and he knows about it.  Mayor McCarver told him they are on board.  They want to go ahead with it.  Mr. Niec stated he quoted him the $62,000, and he stated that that was the amount they originally thought it would be.  Alderman Ruth stated that she didn't talk with Mayor Orange, but she did talk to Mayor McCarver, and she did talk to Mr. Fenton.  She talked to one of the county commissioners, who didn't recall voting.  She said they had been told earlier that the County had approved it.  She said he told her that Mayor Bradley was going to present it at the next meeting.  Mr. Niec stated that Mayor Bradley felt confident that it would pass.  Mayor Crosby asked if there was a motion.  An alderman asked if they could put in the motion once they get the signatures from everyone else, that they get to rolling with the 90 foot poles.  That was the proposal that he was putting forward.  Mayor Crosby stated that he couldn't write a contract until he gets the Board's approval.  He stated he didn't know if Mr. Jones would have to write it, or if Mr. Holt would have to write it.  He stated that until he has a set fee to go with, he's at a standstill.   Motion was made to vote on the 90 foot poles with signatures from all four entities. Motion was seconded. Alderman Ruth stated that the present contract showed Coopertown as the primary coordinator for the four entities. Coopertown would be responsible for getting the signatures and collecting the money.  She stated that it was mentioned to her that Coopertown would be the entity that would be responsible for all the future maintenance of the lights.   Alderman Ruth told her that they were having new aldermen installed, and that was something she wasn't aware of.  It was discussed splitting the cost of the maintenance of the lights.  Mayor Crosby stated that that was the only way to do it, to let the State Highway Department take care of it.  With the type of lighting there and the changing of the lights and bulbs, that would have to be added into a yearly contract.  Alderman Ruth stated that she said after the work is done, they don't have the means to do any maintenance.  They turn it over to the towns and the county.  Alderman Ruth said that since they were given Coopertown's name as the government that would oversee the contract and collect all the money, they had put it in that Coopertown would be responsible for all the maintenance.  The question was asked if there was a monthly or yearly charge after the lighting goes up.  Mayor Crosby said there was not a discussion of that.  Mayor Crosby stated that he mentioned to Mr. Jones servicing the lights, and he and Mayor Crosby would get together.  Mayor Crosby state that the 90 footers and the 100 footers use electric.  He said he would ask Mr. Stansell about.  Any expenditures will be shared by the four different entities.  It was asked that it wouldn't be left to Coopertown to pay the electric bill every month, and Mayor Crosby answered right.  The alderman stated that this is not saying they are going out tomorrow and digging footer holes.  This will get this rolling.  They have got to start moving on it at one point.  Mr. Henry Ruth in the audience interrupted, and Mayor Crosby stated, "Excuse me sir, you are out of order.  Mr. Niec was asked to call the roll. Alderman Ruth asked that the motion be repeated.  The motion is that Coopertown goes with the 90 or 100 foot poles, whichever ones the DOT department selects, that all four entities will have to be signed on with a contract before any work begins or before they give the State Highway Department any proceeds, and that maintenance between the four entities will be agreed on.  Mayor Crosby stated he would know more about that by the end of the week about the costs.  He talked about somebody hitting one and tearing it up.  He said they have city insurance to pay for that.   Alderman Ruth stated she has been contacted by citizens concerned with light pollution. They were trying to keep the light contained within the interstate area.  She stated that when she talked with Mr. Jones before Ms. Sartor, they had talked about they could give light directed more down on the roadway than light up the sky.  She stated that that seemed to be a good resolution to that concern.  She said now they are talking about adding much taller towers.   Mayor Crosby stated he has one gentleman talking to him about a hotel, one of the stores is fixing to build another store there.  They have got to have the tax dollars.  Alderman Ruth suggested that since the plan is being drawn up by the Highway Department engineer, who Ms. Sartor told her is really an expert at laying these things out, if this is a traditional way to light up an interstate, could they present it to these businesses that have an interest here, and see if the solution that costs less is adequate for them.  Mayor Crosby stated that they could do that, but Mr. Jones has assured him that in 3 or 4 years, the lighting system they are looking at is not going to do what they want to do as far as the businesses that are on the interstate there.  What he is afraid of, is once they do that, they could not get the county seats to help them.  Coopertown would not be able to financially do it on their own.  Mayor Crosby stated the lights are another way to promote no property tax for the city of Coopertown.  He lives closer than any of the astronomers that have come to Alderman Ruth.  He stated that if he is willing to tolerate the lighting system to save the citizens from not having a property tax, then everybody else will have to bear the load equally.   Alderman Ruth asked about Mr. Jones coming and talking to the four entities.  Mayor Crosby stated that he needs to get this project going.  He will ask Mr. Jones to come and talk with them. He stated he has got to have this started at least by January.  Mayor Crosby stated he is asking the Board to approve the motion by Mr. Gill.  He stated he has a motion and second.  The vote was as follows:


Alderman Ruth:  no

Alderman Gill:  yes

Alderman Anderson:  yes

Alderman Muhlstadt:  yes


The motion passed 3-1. 


B.       Update on Security System for Coopertown Elementary School.  Mr. Niec gave an update.  He stated that this was brought up at the October 24 meeting.  The Coopertown Elementary School does not have a state of the art security system.  It does not come close to what the middle school has.  According to Principal Lori Smith, the fall festival raised $17,500.  The money is split 50/50 between the elementary and the middle schools.  Out of that funding for the elementary, money will be taken out of that and utilized for the security system.  Principal Smith has assured Mr. Niec they have applied for a grant, which looks very favorable.  At this time, the school will handle the system, and they will not need any financial assistance from the City of Coopertown.



X.        New Business:



A.   Mayor Crosby reminded everyone that the next scheduled meeting was

December 26, 2006, the day after Christmas.  Motion was made by Alderman Gill to move the meeting to December 19.  The motion was seconded by Alderman Anderson and passed unanimously.  The meeting will be held on the 19th of December at 7 p.m. at City Hall.


B.   Nomination of Vice Mayor.  Motion was made to nominate Alderman Gill.

Motion was seconded.  Alderman Ruth nominated Alderman Anderson, who declined. Alderman Ruth stated that he has lived there longer than any of them.  He stated he needed a little bit more experience.   Motion was passed with Alderman Gill abstaining.  Alderman Gill was elected as Vice Mayor.


C.   Ordinance 2006-06, Unlawful Use of a Weapon in a Subdivision.  It will be

unlawful to discharge a weapon in a subdivision.  This is not talking about hunting on the farms.  This is talking about the subdivisions.  The first reading was a long time ago, and it passed the first one.  There was discussion regarding the language being confusing.  There was a question regarding who was authorized and who was unauthorized.  There was discussion regarding John Holt writing the ordinance.  Mayor Crosby discussed the incident where a man shot in a subdivision in front of kids.  Chief Barrera talked regarding state law.  He stated the city cannot override state law.  He thinks the Ordinance reaches too far.  He doesn't think the Ordinance is needed.  Chief Barrera stated there is a state law that you cannot discharge a firearm in an incorporated community.  He said there is a state law regarding discharging a firearm in a community where people are living.  Mayor Crosby recommended sending it back to John Holt.


D.   Ordinance 2006-07, replacing Section 2 of 2003-35, in its entirety, First

Reading.  Mayor Crosby asked Mr. Niec to explain.  This is in regard to the public forum.  It was originally written under Mayor Davis.   Mr. Niec read the Ordinance to be discussed.  Mr. Niec asked that Section of 2003-35 be reviewed.  The only thing that is being added is under public forum.  Public forum during which each citizen will be allotted a total of 3 minutes to speak on any topic or topics on the agenda for that meeting.  Mayor Crosby asked for any discussion.  Alderman Ruth stated that it sounded very reasonable and they should make sure the citizens should know what is going to be at the meetings.  She suggested that the agenda be made available at least one week prior to the meeting.  There was discussion regarding this.  It will be posted on the website five working days before the meeting.   Motion was made and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. 


E.   Mayor Crosby discussed the paving on Errel Dowlen Road.  There was a

breakdown that prevented it from being done the afternoon of the meeting.  The prior weekend Mayor Crosby clipped the edges of the road and got it ready for paving.  Drainage pipes will need to be put in this winter and spring.   The cost on doing 2.2 miles was $98,000.  That is an estimate.  The City is doing a lot of the work themselves and cutting a lot of expenditures out.  This will include .9 of a mile on Errel Dowlen and 1.2 of a mile on Ott Wilson.  There is $85,000 in the roads fund.  They will need to move money over from the general fund.  He asked if the Board wished to proceed on the old Board's voting.   Alderman Ruth asked about the cost.  Mayor Crosby said he didn't think they would use the tonnage on Ott Wilson originally thought, 800-900 tons instead of 1,100.  Mr. Niec stated that he and the Mayor met the previous Friday with LoJac.    The original estimate for Errel Dowlen was .9 of a mile and $57.00.  They estimated 900 tons.  That came out to $51,300 for Errel Dowlen.   The 900 tons has been dropped down to 725, and using the State's figure of $56.50, it comes out to $40,962.50.  This is an estimate.  Mr. Niec stated that the bill won't come in for another month.   On the third week of the month, a State remittance check comes in.  For the past year, this is averaging $28,000 to $29,000.  Out of that, there are 3 categories, 940, 941 and 942 which are state taxes.  They are taken out of that check and put into the Street Aid Fund.  That money is allowed only, by law, allowed for the streets.   Money may have to be borrowed from the general fund, but Mr. Niec stated he feels probably not.  There was discussion regarding money carried over from the last budget.  Mayor Crosby stated that the budget is hypothetical.   There was discussion regarding the amount used by LoJac.  Mayor Crosby discussed how good Errel Dowlen Road is. 


XI.               Communications from Mayor.  Mayor Crosby stated he is turning the meeting

over to Alderman Anderson.  Alderman Anderson introduced State Rep. Bob Bibb to the audience.  He spoke of his pleasure at being at the meeting.  He wanted to let the members of Coopertown know that he is willing to help in any way possible.  He said he will try to make as many meetings as he can.


Mayor Crosby stated that if it didn't rain the following day, the paving should be finished on Errel Dowlen and then starting on Ott Wilson.  He asked that if anyone in the community in the next couple of weeks sees any potholes or something that needs to be addressed, call City Hall and give them the information.  He announced the reception being held at City Hall after the meeting.  He stated that they didn't feel comfortable having the meeting at City Hall because it would have been over 26 people.  He thanked everyone for attending.  He asked if there was anything else.


Mayor Crosby adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.





Minutes Submitted:  Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder



Minutes Approved:   Danny Crosby, Mayor



ATTEST:  Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder