MBA 2006 May


                                                        MEETING MINUTES


                                                             MAY 23, 2006



I.          Call to Order:  Mayor Crosby


II.          Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Crosby.


III.         Roll Call:


Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder conducted a roll call.  The following members were present:


Danny Crosby, Mayor

Jack Long, Jr., Vice Mayor

Donnie Gill, Alderman

Peggy Ruth, Alderman

Terry Scott, Alderman


IV.        Bank Balances:  General Government:  $223,344.46

                                        State Street Aid:  $59,856.88

                                        Landfill Legal Fund:  $2,824.74


Alderman Ruth had a question regarding the balance in the Landfill Legal Fund, and it was decided that nothing had changed.


V.         Mayor Crosby asked if there was a public forum.


Ms. Slawson questioned Mayor Crosby regarding his payment to her of $1,500.  She asked for a commitment regarding the payment.  Mayor Crosby stated that he would write the check when he was ready.


VI.        Waive the oral reading of the Minutes of the Meeting of December 20, 2005.  There was discussion regarding the fact that there was a question back in December from Alderman Ruth regarding the November Board Minutes.  Alderman Ruth stated that she had not had a chance to listen to the tape, because the December Minutes were on the agenda, not the November minutes.  December and January Minutes have already been approved.  Approval of the November minutes was put off until the next meeting.


            Waive the oral reading of the Minutes of the February 13, 2006 Meeting.  Alderman Ruth stated that she would like the tapes of the meetings, because she felt it was too much material to review at one time.  It was stated that November through April, with the exception of December and January, is too much material to look at in one sitting and be accurate.  There was a discussion regarding the delay of receiving the Minutes and being careful as to the accuracy of the Minutes.  Mayor Crosby brought up calling a Special Board Meeting to be held in the vicinity of the 15th and the 3rd.  Mayor Crosby said that if anyone had changes they wanted made to do it before the Meeting.


VII.       Reports from Committees and Communications from Aldermen:


            Alderman Ruth mentioned a phone call from a representative at the Transportation Department regarding comments from neighbors after reading the article about the lights on the interchange.  The neighbors had questioned whether a particular type of lighting would be put there.  The neighbors had heard there was a highway lighting that directed the light downward, not up toward the sky.  Mayor Crosby stated that all changes would have to be environmentally safe and friendly.  Alderman Ruth stated that the representative from the Transportation Department would be glad to consider the lighting when they started the work on the design phase.  Mayor Crosby said it would be his request that the lights light the exit up, but not light up three, four or five miles.  It was discussed that CEMC just replaced four lights within the city limits and that these lights should be looked at.  Mayor Crosby stated that he has talked with CEMC regarding lights at Battle Creek and Old Coopertown Road; Martins Chapel Road and Battle Creek; and both entrances of Windland.


VIII.       Chief Bernard discussed an internship program that universities have where someone majoring in criminal justice has an opportunity to work as an intern.  He introduced Mr. Zachary Baggett, who has spent his internship with Coopertown, riding with officers, etc.  Chief Bernard discussed a surplus Robertson County was given.  Since the first part of January, the officers have made 32 DUI arrests, and compared this to other departments.  In the month of May, only 2 DUI arrests were made.  For the first part of the year so far, 18 arrests have been made for things such as outstanding warrants and drug paraphernalia.  So far in the month of May, there have been 113 traffic stops for speeding.  There have been 113 citations issued and 34 warnings.  There are a total of 85 arrests so far this year.  For the month of May, there have been 260 calls received.  There have been 12 non-injury accidents for May.


IX.        Mayor Crosby discussed the issue of the seating capacity being reduced in the building.  He discussed that when city hall was built, the meeting room was where the office area is.  A letter will be posted on the website for explanation of the reduction of seating capacity.  Mayor Crosby also had a copy of the letter for anyone at the meeting to read.


            Mayor Crosby stated that there are lights being placed throughout Coopertown, and the funds are in the budget.  He discussed the reasons for the lights.  He asked the Aldermen and the audience to ask their friends and neighbors to slow down because of the workers on the sides of the roads.  He stated that the work to repair the potholes will begin.  There was a discussion on the work on the bridge behind the school.  Mayor Crosby discussed how the rain has slowed down the road work.






X.         New Business:


            A.  New members were added to the Board of Appeals.  Mr. Gill is the Alderman that was appointed.  Mayor Crosby asked Brian Rettaliata to come forward and discuss the next few things that concern the Planning Commission and the TVA.


            Mr. Rettaliata stated that the Board is required to approve all members of the Board of Zoning Appeals.


            Motion was made to approve the five members of the Board of Zoning Appeals and seconded.


            Alderman Ruth questioned the replacement of Mr. Thompson, as well as the replacement of others.  Alderman Ruth also questioned her removal from the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Mayor Crosby stated that there needed to be an Alderman present so that business could continue to be conducted.  Discussion was held regarding members.  Mayor Crosby discussed spreading out the Aldermen on Boards.  Alderman Ruth stated her surprise at being removed.


            It was discussed that the issue before the Board is the removal of the five people for the Board.


            Motion was made to take the names off the Board and seconded.  Mayor Crosby voted yes; Vice Mayor Long voted yes; Alderman Gill voted yes; Alderman Ruth abstained; Alderman Scott voted no.


            B.  Mr. Rettaliata discussed a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance relative to the Interstate commercial zone, and the Mapco, Texaco and the Amoco that have a small part of the real estate on I-24.  A meeting was held with the City of Pleasant View as a result of the sale of a piece of property that is bordered by 49, 41, Interstate 24 and wraps around the biggest part of the interstate.  The development requirements in Pleasant View do not match the requirements in Coopertown.  Alderman Ruth stated that Mr. Cooper wanted some commonality in landscape, building design, etc.  Alderman Ruth stated that her recollection was that Mr. Cooper recommended that they all sit down before the zoning was changed.  It was asked if the Board members had looked over the amendment, and if approval was needed from new Board members.  There was discussion regarding working with Pleasant View on the zoning for the development.  Mayor Crosby stated once this is passed, Pleasant View and Coopertown join together, hire a designer, and make a plan.  Motion was made and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


            C.  Mr. Rettaliata discussed the expansion of the current Planning Commission, and the State statute allowing no less than 5 and no more than 10 members.  Mayor Crosby stated he asked Mr. Rettaliata to draw up the amendment.  Discussion was held regarding the appointment of the new members and the responsibilities of the members.  Motion was made and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


            D.  Mayor Crosby discussed the requests for approval of temporary fireworks stands and special exceptions to zoning ordinances.  Mr. Rettaliata discussed the past approval of special exceptions by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  He stated that in the past the Board of Zoning Appeals was violating the ordinance by permitting the setting up of fireworks stands.  It was stated that the cost of the temporary permits was $125.00.  A question was raised regarding the liability of the city should someone get hurt.  Mr. Rettaliata stated that the city could potentially be liable if someone got hurt.  Alderman Ruth questioned if applicants have to provide insurance.  Mr. Rettaliata stated that the applicants have to meet certain requirements regarding insurance, fire extinguishers, etc.  An issue was also raised regarding the fireworks stands shooting off the fireworks that they do not sell.  Mayor Crosby discussed the ordinance of Ashland City regarding this issue wherein the applicant is financially responsible.  Mayor Crosby also mentioned raising the $125.00 fee, and also mentioned Ashland City's ordinance where the fireworks stands could not set off the fireworks on the premises.  The city of Coopertown makes around $500.00 per year on the temporary stands.  Mayor Crosby discussed making changes in the ordinance for the next year.  There was also discussion regarding the procedure for approving the applications for fireworks stands and the rules that apply.  Motion was made to accept applications for the fireworks stands and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


            E.  Resolution 2006-04 providing funding for the Coopertown PTO in the amount of $3,100.00 to be used on construction for a fence around the playground and $500.00 to sponsor the Spring Talent Show.  Mayor Crosby stated that the $500.00 was within the budget and issued a check for that amount.  He asked the Board to approve the money for the fence.  A question was raised as to the amount the school makes from the Talent Show, and whether the money would go towards the fence.  It was questioned whether the Board could afford the money towards the fence.  It was stated that the city has taken in over $134,000.00 more than was expected for the whole budget year, with more money to come.  A surplus of between $150,000.00 and $250,000.00 is expected.  There was discussion regarding the repair of the road in front of the school due to the construction not being done correctly.  Mayor Crosby discussed his intention to do more for the schools regarding athletics, etc.  Alderman Ruth brought up having discussions with the schools regarding money they may need in the future.  She also questioned the allocation of the money now.  There was discussion of the allocation of money for the schools in the future.  Motion was made and seconded.  Mayor Crosby voted yes; Vice Mayor Long voted yes; Alderman Gill voted yes; Alderman Ruth voted no; Alderman Scott voted yes.


            F.  Resolution 2006-5.  Provides funding in the amount of $10,000.00 for the Coopertown Middle School for construction of a football stadium.  There was discussion regarding the construction of the football field, a chain link fence, scoreboard, etc.  Alderman Ruth questioned the comment that the county was paying for the equipment and asked what that included.  Mayor Crosby discussed the upkeep of the field, what kind of grass to use, and the kind of lawnmower needed.  He also discussed wanting more money for the schools in the next year.  Motion was made and seconded.  Mayor Crosby voted yes; Vice Mayor Long voted yes; Alderman Gill voted yes; Alderman Ruth voted no; Alderman Scott voted yes.


            G.  There was discussion regarding having the correct addresses for citizens, as well as the correct phone numbers.


            Mayor Crosby asked if there were any more issues.  The meeting was adjourned.