MBA 2006 January





JANUARY 24, 2006


I.                     Call to Order:


Mayor Crosby called to order the regular scheduled meeting of the Coopertown Mayor & Board of Aldermen at 7:00 p.m. at city hall located at 2525 Burgess Gower Road.


II.                   Pledge of Allegiance:


Mayor Crosby led the Pledge of Allegiance for attendees.


III.                  Roll Call:


Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder conducted a roll call. The following members were present:


Danny Crosby, Mayor

Donnie Gill, Alderman

Jack Long, Jr., Vice Mayor

Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder

Peggy Ruth, Alderman

Terry Scott, Alderman


IV.                Bank Balances:


General Government: $246,970.90

State Street Aid: $131,270.10


V.                  Citizens' Comments:


1)      Billy Clark: Requested an update on the property tax. Vice Mayor Long responded that the Finance Committee plans to meet in February and it is an item for discussion. Stated that MTAS will be involved in the survey regarding this tax.

2)      Susan Slawson: Questioned the mayor regarding a police vehicle outside her son's home in Clarksville. Stated that her son's first admendment rights were being violated. Individual got quite verbal abusive and was told by Mayor Crosby to sit down. Alderman Ruth questioned Chief of Police Bernard regarding the travel limits for vehicles assigned to the department. Chief Bernard stated that Officer was given permission to travel to Clarksville outside the travel limits since he recently came off a long shift and was going to his sister's home to change and cleanup and return to work. It just so happens that the sister lives down the street from Mrs. Slawson son's home. Her son felt he was being followed because of his mother's dealings with city hall. This was not the case.


VI.                Waive the oral reading of Minutes of the December 20, 2005 regular Board meeting, and adopt the minutes as presented/corrected. Motion made and seconded by Alderman Gill. Alderman Ruth requested that more details regarding the changes to the Coopertown Personnel Manual.


VII.               Waive the oral reading of Minutes of the October 25, 2005 regular Board meeting, and adopt the minutes as presented/corrected. Motion made by Alderman Long and seconded by Alderman Gill. Motion passed with Alderman Ruth abstaining.


VIII.             Reports from Committees and Communications for Aldermen:


No reports given at this time.


IX.                Police Department Update:


Chief Bernard presented the statistics for the recent month that included approximately 550 calls, 146 traffic warning/tickets, two injury accidents, two DUI arrests. Present police department has 11 full time and one part time officers. Discussed the current take-home vehicle policy. Currently has eight vehicles assigned to the department of which three are 2005 models and three are 2006 models.


Questions were field from the audience regarding the number of vehicles assigned to patrol I-24. Chief Bernard responded that the accidents occurring on the interstate dictates at time the number responding to the situation. Alderman Scott asked if the time spent on the interstate is more than the time patrolling within the Coopertown city limits. Chief Bernard responded that at least two officers are assigned to each shift and one is patrolling the back roads utilizing the current inspection checklist.


Questions were asked regarding the limits of I-24, which the department is patrolling. Chief Bernard informed the audience it was 4 miles east bound and westbound one mile.  In addition the department has received from the Tennessee Highway Patrol their certification for "The Rules of the Road for I-24 patrolling.


Alderman Ruth asked if the police leave their business cards at businesses they inspect on a daily basis. No procedure is in place at this time since it would give the owners and the general public an idea of when the police make their rounds. Rounds are not on a scheduled basis but random.


Robert Dale Anderson commended that the police force is doing a great job and he is appreciative of their work in the community.


X.                  Mayor's Announcements:


The Mayor commented on the article in the Robertson County Times poll on the speed limit survey conducted recently. Out of the 149 votes, 70.5 % responded that the city should follow the recommendations by TDOT.


XI.                New Business:


A.      Mr. Steve Artz was publicly thanked for his donation of services to the Dixie Baseball League regarding their ball fields. Well done-Steve.


B.     Speed limits for TN highway #49 within Coopertown city limits. Mayor Crosby commented that he himself experienced being passed on a double yellow line. Numerous complaints call to city hall regarding the current speed limits. The question arose if the mayor had the authority to change these limits on his own authority. Alderman Gill stated that the pervious administration changed limits without a public hearing. Vice Mayor Long stated that this was done with Safety in mind. Information was given to each alderman regarding the current state guidelines for speed limits on Tennessee roads. At this time Alderman Scott requested a traffic study. Mayor Crosby responded by giving the details of such a study by Chad Collier and TDOT.


Alderman Ruth questioned if the study took each road on an individual basis. Stated also that she received a different view from the MTAS engineer in a recent call to Jackson MTAS office. Mr. Ruth presented his idea to stop passing by utilizing a double yellow line highway #49 within the city limits. This idea was deemed unrealistic because of the traffic patterns.


C.     Construction of Coopertown City Hall addition. Discussion regarding the addition to the current city hall was conducted. Alderman Ruth expressed a prudent course of action due to the current budget and future funding. A motion was made by Alderman Gill to open a bid process for this construction. Seconded by Vice Mayor Long. Motion passed with "no votes from Alderman Ruth and Alderman Scott.


D.     Bid contracts for Coopertown grass mowing. Mayor Crosby opens the discussion with background information regarding the cost of mowing in recent years and current costs. A motion was made by Alderman Gill and seconded by Vice Mayor Long to open a bid process for this function. This motion passed unanimously.


XII.               Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.