MBA 2006 February







FEBRUARY 13, 2006



I.                     Call to Order:


Mayor Crosby called to order a Town Hall Special Meeting of the Coopertown Mayor & Board of Aldermen at 7:00 p.m. at the Coopertown Middle School located on Highway #49.


II.                   Pledge of Allegiance:


Mayor Crosby led the Pledge of Allegiance for attendees.


III.                  Roll Call:


Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder conducted a roll call. The following members were present:


Danny Crosby, Mayor

Donnie Gill, Alderman

Jack Long, Jr., Vice Mayor

Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder

Peggy Ruth, Alderman

Terry Scott, Alderman


The following guests were present:


Chad Collier, Engineer, Collier Engineering Company

John Holt, City Attorney


IV.                Public Forum:


Limited to three minutes per speaker. All persons who wish to speak must sign in prior to the meeting and state the topic on which they wish to speak.


This special "town hall meeting was scheduled as an informational meeting to inform Coopertown citizens regarding the speed limits on all roads within the city limits.


The following citizens signed to speak:


1)      John Hudson

2)      Billy Clark

3)      Sam Childs

4)      Thomas Crawford

5)      Ann Brooks

6)      John Watts

7)      D. L. Gillespie

8)      Billy Pugh

9)      Mr. Wilson

10)  Dickie Thompson

11)  Susan Slawson

12)  Gary Schmidt

13)  Mr. Batson


Each citizen expressed their concern regarding the speed limits within the city limits and the recent changes of lowering then raising the limits.


V.                  Guest Speakers:


Chad Collier, Collier Engineering took the floor in gave an overview of the speed limits within the city limits and the engineering requirements for them. A background of the roadside environments regarding the width, sight distance and topographic characteristics that play an important part in determining the speed limits was provided. Current Tennessee rules was given along with the recent survey results and the need to lower the speed limit on state highway #49 and back roads. Mr. Collier took many questions from the audience with limited success.


Alderman Scott and Alderman Ruth questioned Mr. Collier regarding the recent TDOT survey. Mr. Collier responded with an explanation of the survey and the results. The lowering of the speed limits is about SAFETY and Safety only. Mayor Crosby pointed out that a recent report from the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department revealed a decrease in the number of accidents since the speed limit was lowered and traffic enforcement increased.


John Holt, City Attorney, took the floor and provided the audience with a legal overview of the situation. The city, if it took no action to lower the speed limits when the TDOT survey stated otherwise the city would be liable and would not be immune under the government TORT liability. Mr. Holt attempted to field many questions from the audience with limited success.


Mayor Crosby attempted to present Ordinance 2006-07 for a vote to the Board of Aldermen regarding the speed limits within the Coopertown city limits to no avail. The audience response was intensely verbal and loud at which time the meeting was adjourned.