MBA 2005 November





NOVEMBER 22, 2005


I.                     Call to Order: Mayor Crosby


II.                   Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Crosby.


III.                  Roll Call:


Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder conducted a roll call. The following members were present:


            Danny Crosby, Mayor

            Jack Long, Jr., Vice Mayor

            Donnie Gill, Alderman

            Peggy Ruth, Alderman




            Terry Scott, Alderman


IV.        Bank Balances:  General Government: $258,364.58

                                        State Street Aid: $ 131,270.10


V.                  Mayor Crosby asked Vice Mayor Long if there were any that signed to speak at this meeting-none listed on the sign-in sheet.


VI.                Reports from Committees and Communications from Alderman:


A.      Personnel Committee scheduled meeting is for November 29, 2005 which is a Tuesday to discuss personnel policy changes.


VII.               Mayor's Announcements:


  1. Current paving projects: The following information was provided regarding the paving projects. Completed Woods Road, Henry Gower primer coat this date and McMahon Hollow will utilize extra tonnage available. Please allow at least 25-30 days for curing then side dressing will be completed.


  1. Annual Financial report (Year ending June 30, 2005). Alderman need to review prior to final review by Mr. John Poole, CPA at next regularly scheduled board meeting.



  1. Filing of Lawsuit. Aldermen given briefing regarding lawsuit to be signed and filed by City Attorney John Holt. Audience member Sam Childs requested company name and was informed the suit was against Hulsey Road Maintenance.



VIII.       New Business:


  1. City recorder position. Motion made Mayor Crosby to appoint Edmund A. Niec as Interim City Recorder. Motion passed unanimously.


  1. Case 05-28: First Reading for rezoning for property located on York, Henry Gower and Felts Road (Formerly known as felts-Deerlick Farm). Motion made by Alderman Gill to rezone said property from AG to RA. Seconded by Alderman Ruth. Motion passed unanimously.


  1. Roads to be selected for paving in 2006. The following information was provided by Mayor Crosby regarding the planned 2006 Road Paving project-expected that approximately 4.3 miles to be completed. In conjunction with Collier Engineering pre-planning will include clipping, drainage, pipe work and gravel/labor. Pipe replacements for Errel Dowlen, Mc Mahon Hollow and Henry Gower will start in mid-December. It must be noted that the pipe has been purchased and on-site for placement. South Walker Road has suffered water damage leading to ditch erosion and will be filled with large rocks to limit further damage. Motion was made by Jack Long to approve paving project to start with Errel Dowlen, Mc Mahon Hollow Road in order of precedence. Seconded by Alderman Gill. Motion passed unanimously.


Question from audience, Col. Ruth, USA, Ret., to Mayor Crosby regarding reducing costs for pipe replacement. Mayor Crosby stated that city will perform work required and that the pipe has been purchased. The pipe shall have a life expectancy of 30-35 years and be epoxy-rubberized coated.


  1. Mayor Crosby briefed alderman regarding the requirements for another separate computer for TIBRS for the police department. At present, the police staff utilizes the city clerk's computer. Motion made by Alderman Gill to purchase a computer for TIBRS use only. Seconded by Alderman Long. Motion passed unanimously.


  1. Due to the holiday season a motion was made to change the next meeting date to December 20th vice the 27th by Alderman Long, seconded by Alderman Gill. Motion passed unanimously.


  1. Closure of Sugar Camp Road. The Aldermen were directed to review all attached documents regarding roads and make a side trip to see for themselves the problems associated with this road. The mayor stated that he will pay personally for gravel to fill the potholes. Further research with MTAS will be conducted.


  1. Police Reports: Chief Bernard shared with the board of Aldermen and the general audience the latest statistics involving the police department activities that included 450-475 service calls, 234 traffic stops, 7 DUI arrests, 43-50 written/verbal warnings, and 16 arrests and assisted with 18 accidents. There were 546 entries into TIBRS. At present there are 8 full time and 2 part time officers.


A member of the audience who has a student at the Coopertown Middle School stated their appreciation for the officers serving in a security role during the recent basketball games.


Alderman Ruth expressed concerns from several citizens within her ward regarding possible traffic violations of passing in a no passing zone (double yellow lines), cars being passed by individuals going over the posted speed limit, low or no police car visibility. Requested that during "peak hours that more officers be on the road.


IX.        Mayor Crosby asked if there were any more issues before the board at this time. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.