MBA 2005 June


JUNE 28, 2005


Mayor Crosby called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and also recited the pledge of allegiance.

In attendance of the meeting were Alderman Gill, Alderman Ruth, Alderman Scott, Alderman Long and Mayor Crosby.

Mayor Crosby announces the balances for the city as of 6/28/05:

General Government: $ 238,118.65
Street Aid: $ 97,197.29

Mayor Crosby announces that today at 10:50 a.m. he received a fax from Mr. George Dean our landfill attorney stating that Coopertown had won the fight and the appeal to the Supreme Court had been denied.

Several Citizens were heard during the public forum:

A. Ed Niec

B. Susan Slawson

C. Joyce Young

D. Kaul Wilson

E. Dickie Thompson

- Mr. Thompson commends the street crew on there cleaning of the roads and especially over at Martin's Chapel Rd. Mr. Thompson stated that he has lived here all his life and he has never seen the roads as clean as they are right now. Also, stated that he had some friends come down that were amazed at how everything was mowed and picked up. Mr. Thompson also comments on what Mrs. Slawson stated by saying that he has no problem with Mr. Hudspeth driving back and forth and that he actually had an incident where Mr. Hudspeth had to get to his house quickly on a Saturday morning and that it did not take him long at all and he is very thankful for that. He stated he does not care if it takes two cars driving back and forth because our police force is available when needed.- Mr. Wilson says that at the last meeting or when we discussed the speed limits being changed that Mayor Crosby had stated an Engineer had reviewed and studied our roads and also agreed the speed limit needed to be lowered. Mr. Wilson asked Mayor Crosby if we have a copy of that letter. Mayor stated that he did have this letter and that anyone who wanted a copy was welcome to one. - Mrs. Young states that as a member of the finance committee she has been very proud of what they have put together for this year's budget. She thanks the mayor for being asked to serve on this board and all the other members of the finance board as well. Mrs. Young then speaks about Coopertown being referred to as a "speed trap". She states that she is pleased with our police force and that she does not feel as though we are a speed trap. She feels as though we have to get the word out considering that there have already been two fatalities in Coopertown this year. She commends the Police Department. - Mrs. Slawson tells our police officers that while they are doing a good job that she is actually here with a complaint on the police department. She stated that she has pictures of a police car parked at Sgt. Hudspeth's home. She says that she can not understand why we are allowing a new police car to be driven to and from work by Mr. Hudspeth. She states that it is 42 miles one way to Mr. Hudspeth's home. Mrs. Slawson states that the first pictures were taken on Memorial Day weekend and that she has been by there four different times since this. She stated that on Friday, June 24, 2005 she followed Mr. Hudspeth all the way up Dickerson Rd to the City Hall. She says that she feels this is a overspending on City Hall's part. Mayor Crosby addresses this by saying that Sgt. Hudspeth is in a position here to where he has people under him and he is always on call in case of an emergency. Mayor states that this was done so that Mr. Hudspeth could get here quick, as he has had to do, when needed for an emergency. Mayor asks Mr. Hudspeth how far it is from here to his home and Mr. Hudspeth states that it is 23 miles one way any way you go, either Hwy 257 or Interstate 24.- Mr. Niec wants the citizens and board to know that as a member of the finance committee he wants them to keep in mind that this budget was put together from past data and present statistical figures. He also wants the people to keep in mind that this budget was put together by a citizen committee.

Mayor asks the board to consider the minutes from the May 24, 2005 minutes. Alderman Ruth asks that the section about her being appointed to head up a committee that would look into the Williams property since she never accepted or felt as though she was asked to do this. Mayor Crosby states that she was asked. Alderman Ruth asks to table accepting these minutes until she can listen to the meeting minutes on tape.

Mayor asks the board to consider the minutes from the June 9, 2005 special meeting. A motion is made by Alderman Long to accept these minutes as presented and this is seconded by Alderman Gill. The motion passes unanimously.

Mayor asks the board to consider the minutes from the June 16, 2005 special meeting. A motion is made by Alderman Gill to accept these minutes as presented and this is seconded by Alderman Scott. The motion passes unanimously.

Mayor asks the board to consider the minutes from the June 13, 2005 finance committee meeting. A motion is made by Alderman Long to accept these minutes as presented and this is seconded by Alderman Gill. The motion passes unanimously.

Alderman Scott states that there was a Fire Committee meeting in the month of June in which they discussed the negotiations that would be presented to the Fire Department. He states that all of the committee were contacted and informed of the new negotiations that were met by the Fire Department. He apologizes for not having minutes.

Mayor asks if there are any reports from the board or committees. Mayor presents to board numbers from the police department since it has been in existence for them to go over. These numbers showed how much money was appropriated each year, spent each year, and taken in each year by the police department. Mayor also provided information regarding to the sizes of different police departments surrounding Coopertown. Mayor states that he has asked our officers to start turning in reports on arrests and calls they take and he hopes this will be available at next months meeting.

New Business:

A .Ordinance 05-12:

Mayor Crosby starts the discussion on the revised figures for the 2005-2006 Fiscal Year Budget. This is the first reading on this budget with a few revisions from the last first reading. Alderman Long takes the floor and explains the changes that have been made in order to satisfy some concerns that were expressed by Alderman Ruth and Alderman Scott at the last meeting. Once Mr. Long finished the floor was opened for comments or questions from the board. Alderman Ruth expresses her concerns on the high revenue numbers we are expecting for building permits as well as the high revenue number under "court fines/fees". Alderman Scott also expresses concern still about the revenue listed under "court fines/ fees", and says that he is not used to seeing these numbers so high. Alderman Gill states that in eight hours if one ticket is a low estimate then we would need to evaluate what our officers were doing, and that the high revenue number for fines is not what we are basing our budget off of only that this is a truthful figure for the citizens to see and a low one still at that. Alderman Ruth states that if the revenue is not met then our whole budget will fall apart. Alderman Long asks Alderman Ruth why she never expressed these concerns at the finance meetings she was at when asked if she had any questions. Mayor Crosby gives the board a chance to look at the court dockets from this year so that they can see that any ticket that has been written, besides in a school zone, has been written for 11 mph and over. Alderman Scott asks Mayor for the exact date that the speed limits were changed and Mayor tells Alderman Scott that he will get him an exact date for this by the next meeting. Alderman Scott states that he thinks if the citizens would have just been more informed about the speed limit changes it would have gone over better. Alderman Scott also states that he has no problem with tickets being written to people that are going 20 mph and over. Mayor Crosby states that not only was the speed changes on the City website but were also announced at the meetings when spoken about and voted on. Alderman Ruth also states concern on the Police salaries that are based on are numbers of officers. Alderman Long explains the reasoning for this number and what is was based off of. A motion is made by Alderman Long to accept this ordinance as presented and this would replace the first reading of the budget. This is seconded by Alderman Gill. The motion passes by a vote of 3-2 with Alderman Scott and Alderman Ruth voting no.

B. Fire Contract

Chief Ray from the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department speaks on there need for this contract and encourages all residents of Coopertown to make there donations in order to support and fund the fire department. Alderman Scott states that all of the Fire Committee was contacted about the fire contract and its terms and has recommended this to be approved to the board. A motion is made by Alderman Gill to accept this contract that asks for quarterly payments for the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 years. Alderman Scott seconds this motion and this passes unanimously.


New Business:

Adjournment at 9:17 p.m.


Mayor Crosby states that he has contacted the DOT department and asked for the speed limits on Hwy 49 and Hwy 431 to be lowered especially in front of the new school and also on the overpass on the interstate. After much discussion the board votes to table the issue of Hwy 431 until more information can be gathered on the state's road work there. The board votes unanimously to continue to forward the request on Hwy 49 to the DOT department and also to stress the area in front of the school. The board discusses also requesting the turning lane for the school being put in and suggesting more caution lights.

B. New City Truck

Mayor informs the board about the situation we had with the Labor Department and states that this fine will not be paid for by the City but out of his back pocket since it was his mistake. He apologizes and states that all of the issues that were addressed. Mayor informs board of the new truck that was purchased in place of the truck that was totaled when rear- ended. Alderman Scott requests that we have the truck painted a different color other than green and also that more lights be put on the back of the truck. Mayor states this is in the process and will be completed before the next meeting.