MBA 2006 December



                                            MEETING MINUTES


                                           DECEMBER 19, 2006



I.                     Call to Order:  Mayor Danny Crosby


II.                   Pledge of Allegiance


III.                  Roll Call:  Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder, conducted roll call. The following were present:


Mayor Danny Crosby

Vice Mayor Donnie Gill

Robert Dale Anderson, Alderman

Larry Muhlstadt, Alderman

Peggy Ruth, Alderman


IV.        Bank Balances:   General Government:  $183,770.48

                                           State Street Aid:  $85,084.57

                                       Landfill/Legal Fund:  $2,824.74


V.        Public Forum:


            Mayor Crosby stated that no one had signed the sheet to speak.


           Mayor Crosby asked Gordon Rhodes to stand up.  He is the road assistant, and he is now handling the road superintendent work.   Mayor Crosby thanked Mr. Rhodes for the work that has been done the past month.  Mr. Rhodes stated that his phone number was open.


VI.               The Minutes of the Meeting of November 28, 2006 were presented.  Motion was made by Vice Mayor Gill to waive oral reading of the Minutes, and seconded by Alderman Muhlstadt.  The motion passed unanimously.


VII.              Reports from Committees, Communications from Aldermen.


There were no reports.


VIII.            Old Business:


a.  I-24 Interchange Lighting Project Update.


Mayor Crosby stated that in the Aldermen's notes they have a drawing done by Mr. Pete Hyatt concerning the lighting.  He stated there was a meeting the previous Tuesday with the County entities.  They were presented with a cost of $44,000.  In the first package was the design TDOT had drawn in the beginning for the project.  Mayor Crosby stated that he has never discussed 45 foot poles with TDOT.  He said the drawing came to him the previous Tuesday.  He gave the Aldermen a second drawing.   In the first lighting package, Mayor Crosby stated they were in trouble for the kind of money that was being spent.  It would be like taking a big cigarette lighter and striking it, except for lighting the bridge area.  The Mayor asked Mr. Hyatt to do a second drawing lighting up the entire exit as he had asked for a year ago.  The second drawing uses 12 high rises and 16 of the 45 foot poles.   This is a proposed drawing.  Mayor Crosby stated that with the cost factor, you are looking for $450,000, with a difference of $200,000 to $250,000 difference.  The other cities wanted to stay with the first package.  Mayor Crosby stated he asked the question that once they are through with the project, if it doesn't work, then who will be responsible for changing it.  That will be Coopertown.  


Mayor Crosby stated that he and Brian rode Sunday night out 40 heading towards Memphis, then Knoxville and back up 24.  The areas that were lit up were where you could even see a person crossing a bridge.   You could identify movement on the exits.  The exits not lit had no or very little development.  He stated that in his thinking when you start a development area, there's not another exit between Nashville and Clarksville that is lit up in a complete lighting package.  With the design TDOT has given them, it will exceed 12 of the tall poles.  He stated it was the worse scenario. 


Brian Rettaliata stated how much light the high rises give you.


Mayor Crosby stated that in the meeting he said they would look at the 2 different drawings, and he would get back with them regarding the Board's decision.  He stated Pleasantview stated they were in for the $44,375, Cheatham County, Robertson County.  And they would not be interested in going any further with any more funds.  He stated he didn't understand spending that kind of money with what they would be getting.  He asked what the Board wanted to proceed with.


Alderman Ruth stated that Mayor Crosby said the other governments were in favor of the $44,000 figure at the meeting on Tuesday.  Her understanding was that was not the case anymore.  Mayor Crosby said they would write them a letter and if they wanted to be in on it, they would be in on it.  Alderman Ruth said Mayor McCarver stated he would not participate and it looks like Mayor Orange won't participate.  Mayor Crosby stated the situation that occurred.  Gary Jaekel was contacted prior to the incident and MTAS gave them ruling for anyone who wants to read it.  Mayor McCarver has made a mistake in his statements. 


Alderman Ruth said that the other mayors were concerned that Mayor Crosby did not give them the opportunity to make the decision about meeting privately.  He said that it was his meeting, he had the power to make that decision.  Alderman Ruth stated that they hold the rest of the money.  She could see why they were concerned.  She asked why a press release was sent out about the meeting inviting reporters in.   He said reporters were not invited.   Mr. Niec stated the press release was given to Hugh Braddock on Monday afternoon to be in Wednesday's edition.  It was shared in the office, and a reporter showed up at the meeting that wasn't authorized.  MTAS was contacted before the 4 met on Tuesday, and it was a closed discussion session.  The meeting according to MTAS was closed, and it did not have to be opened.  It was a closed working session.  Mr. Niec stated that Mayor McCarver has used that erroneously because he faxed him what Gary Jaekel said and the Aldermen also have in their package the MTAS ruling on open meetings in Tennessee.  He stated Mayor McCarver is mistaken and he feels is using that as an excuse.  At the meeting all of the other mayors agreed to the $44,000.  He received a fax from Mayor Bradley committing Robertson County for  $44,000 plus.


Alderman Ruth stated that MTAS may have said it didn't have to be open, but they didn't say it had to be closed either.   She finds the fact that that wasn't shared with the other members "disturbing.  Mayor Crosby said it was a private meeting and Mayor McCarver knew that.  Alderman Ruth argued that he did not know that.  She said he did not know; she talked to him personally.  Mayor Crosby stated he did know.  The door was locked.


Vice Mayor Gill stated that it didn't matter what he knew.  Alderman Ruth stated that it does matter because the Board is being presented information by the Mayor and City Recorder that is not exactly accurate.  Mayor Crosby stated that was a lie, and Mrs. Ruth stated that it wasn't a lie.  She told him not to call her a liar.  She talked to each and every one of them, and they did not take kindly to the things they just adopted in the minutes.  They were not in favor of that $500,000 figure.   She stated that they questioned if that 30 to $35,000 figure was in that $500,000 and they told them it was.   She said she called the engineer the next day, and there were many inconsistencies in that information.  


Mayor Crosby stated that he had talked to Mr. Jones.   Mr. Jones had not even had time to do this.  Alderman Ruth stated that was not what was presented to the other mayors.  He came up with this afterwards.  Mayor Crosby stated they discussed at the meeting how they were going to do this.  He said he explained to them that "this would not work.  Alderman Ruth stated that the other were possibly prepared to go for the $44,000, and they were not prepared to go for the $535,000.  Mayor Crosby asked her if she asked for the drawing he held up (because he did not), and she said no.  The Transportation Department sent the contract to Acting Mayor Long in July, and it was never presented to the Board.  A story was given to the I-24 Exchange that she and Alderman Scott were against it.  She brought it up in a meeting.  In July '05 the vote was unanimous.  There was a contract that was never presented.  Mr. Niec sent a letter to the County Mayor in September that says that the political situation is such in Coopertown that we have a 2-2 deadlock.  Alderman Ruth said when she asked Mr. Long to contact the paper and ask for a correction, Mr. Long said no.  The Minutes reflect that Mr. Long and Mr. Niec stated that they didn't know anything about it.  No one contacted City Hall.  Alderman Ruth said the letter stated that they would have to wait until the November election until the new aldermen come.  Vice Mayor Gill said he didn't remember it saying that.  She said it says the political climate is a 2-2, which was not true.  She stated they get a paper saying we're going to have to hold up the project because of Alderman Scott and Alderman Ruth. Vice Mayor Gill said he didn't think it said that.  She said it said that their political situation was that they would have to wait until after the election because they couldn't get any agreement.  Vice Mayor Gill asked if it said Alderman Scott and Alderman Ruth are holding it up.  She said it said that it's 2-2.  He asked did it say that when they get the new aldermen they're going to vote for the 100 foot poles or is that something you read between the lines.  She stated that no, it's not. Alderman Ruth read a letter dated September 6, 2006 to Mayor Bradley, Orange and McCarver.  "Dear Mayor, as you are well aware of the recent correspondence with Susan -----, State Planner with the Tennessee Department of Transportation regarding interchange lighting project on I-24, SR49, Exit 24, Robertson County.  The estimated shared cost will be $177,500 or $44,375 shared among the four principals involved.  Acting Mayor Long has reviewed this project and the political situation with the present board of aldermen is basically at a standstill.  Recent events in voting among the present board is divided 2-2, with no clear majority on major issues such as the lighting project.  Until the election in November, a full board of aldermen will not be available to review the complete project and give its approval.  The Town of Coopertown is looking forward to working with each community involved and its leaders to complete this project.  Should you need further information, please feel free to contact me or Mayor Long at 382-4470.  Very respectfully, Edmund Niec, City Recorder.


Vice Mayor Gill stated that none of their names were mentioned in there, just as he thought.  Alderman Ruth stated that they voted unanimously in favor of the project.  Mayor Crosby stated all that doesn't matter.  Alderman Ruth said it does because he has been misrepresenting things about this project from the beginning.  Mayor Crosby said he has not been there for four months.  She stated he was there in July '05.  He said they will be coming to a vote that night.  She said don't say they have people in favor of spending this money when they're not.  Mayor Crosby said they agreed at that table.  Mayor McCarver has a board just like that one.  He is not the sole ruler of Pleasantview.  He has a board to go before.  Mayor Crosby said the pricing should have never been sent.  He had nothing to do with it.  Alderman Ruth stated that of course he did.  Mayor Long presented the letter and they voted on the amount of the money for the project in July '05.  Mayor Crosby said in the last four months he has no knowledge of anything that has transpired in the meetings, and he doesn't care.  She stated Mayor Long should have told him he received the contract in July.  Mayor Crosby said that no, then he would have been accused of running the city.  She stated Mayor Long should have presented the contract to the Board. 


Alderman Ruth stated that they were making a decision that involves four governments.  She said that the last vote last month was based contingent upon Robertson County's participation with that $535,000 figure.  Mayor Crosby stated that the Board did not have to wait on anyone. She said that was what was voted to do.  He said they have a good drawing in front of them, and the other is peanuts.    He said it will not work, he will not go for it, he will not back it.  He said he told the other mayors that it would not work. 


Alderman Ruth said that if they are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, they need some cooperation from the other governments.  He said if they have cooperation from the other governments, then fine.  He is not going to vote for something halfway done.   Alderman Ruth stated they don't have a half a million dollars in Coopertown to spend all by themselves.  He said they've done everything they wanted to do in the beginning and will continue to do so.   She said they haven't even shown where the $62,000 amount will come from in the budget.  All they authorized was $18,000.  If they don't have all four governments participate, the price is going to go up drastically.   He said they have it in roads.  She asked if they are going to take all the road repair money and spent it on lights.  He said at the end of the business season for the City of Coopertown, you amend the budget.  She said you have to have the money in the budget to amend it.  Mayor Crosby stated that there are other avenues.  She asked what that would be.  He said here you don't make any statements.  He said you'll see.  She said she doesn't accept "you'll see as an answer.  Vice Mayor Gill said if the others don't want to go in, he's willing to go to the bank and discuss it. 


Mr. Niec said he went to the bank to make a deposit, and the man said he was happy to read that Coopertown was going to do a lighting project on the exit on I-24 because he said people come to the bank looking at possible loans for a hotel, motel complex, a small stripmall, and a Japanese steak restaurant  interested.  In talking with Mr. Pennington, he purchased property up there.  The main keystone is lighting of the interchange.


Vice Mayor Gill said they have got to do what it takes or they will end up closing down like Exit 19.  Mayor Crosby said he had a gentleman call him about putting in a Waffle House at the exit. 


Alderman Ruth said that what she is told that the lighting plan that was submitted with regard with the first vote, the one that was sent with the contract in July, the one that costs approximately $44,000 for each government is a very traditional interchange lighting system. 


Brian Rettaliata said that when he asked her where they could go see the configuration in existence today, they said there was no comparable configuration in the state.  Alderman Ruth asked if this was at the meeting on Tuesday.  Mayor Crosby said he was invited.  She said she was given responsibility for the project but was not invited.  Mayor Crosby stated he didn't give her responsibility for the project.  She said Mayor Long did in October, and that's why she gave them a report in October.  She said so the meeting was kind of closed, kind of open.   Vice Mayor Gill stated he was not invited.


One Alderman stated he would like more ideas, more prices.  There's 12 100 foot lights, and 16 45 foot lights.  He stated he didn't see the need on the picture for 45 foot lights because they are not strategically placed anywhere that make any sense to him.  Mayor Crosby stated that in discussing it with Mr. High he said that it was a drawing that would give you complete coverage.  He said it may take 11, it may take 10.  Mayor Crosby said the circles in between 500 and 700 feet is the area they gave to light up.  Until they get the drilling and the measurement, before they start the job, they will not be able to give them a rock solid price.  What they have is a price on the most it could be.  The very most.  Mayor Crosby said they are not going to go out and do all this stuff until they are on contract.  Alderman Muhlstadt stated so they needed a high end figure.  Alderman Ruth stated she believed that was the $44,000 figure.  Alderman Muhlstadt asked if Robertson County is willing to go higher than 44, and Mayor Crosby stated no.   Alderman Ruth stated Mayor McCarver is not willing to participate.  Mayor Crosby stated Mayor McCarver has not put it before his Board, and he is not the final say in Pleasantview. 


Alderman Ruth brought up the ongoing maintenance.  Coopertown would be responsible for all the maintenance.  Mayor Crosby stated that would be fine.  Alderman Ruth stated she had another piece of information regarding the electric bill.  The traditional plan at Kingston Springs, the electric bill is about $685 a month.  There are either 4 or 5 high rises.  Alderman Ruth stated she was told it was comparable to the first plan they had.  Mayor Crosby said not in any manner.  They have 4 or 5 high rises.  Alderman Ruth said that the engineer at the Transportation Department, Mr. Jones, told her that they wouldn't know until they made the final design plan, and then they could contact the electric company and get an estimate.  The way it stands now, the contract came through Coopertown, they would be responsible for collecting the money for the electric bill, all the maintenance from the other governments.  She was asked who said this, and she responded the State Transportation Department.  She said when she talked to Ms. Sarter before the meeting last month, she told Alderman Ruth that she had sent the contract to Mr. Long in July.   Vice Mayor Gill stated that the only one that TDOT would enter into a contract with was the City of Coopertown.  Alderman Ruth said they could rewrite the contract.  Alderman Muhlstadt stated he would like to continue to talk with Pleasantview and see if the will commit to their $45,000.  If they don't, he said he would support Coopertown moving forward.  Mayor Crosby said they needed to say what their Board of Aldermen and Mayor are doing.  There's been too many balls kicked.  Alderman Muhlstadt said to start with the commitment first, and then move to the plan.   He said he thinks doing this systemically would be more efficient.  Mayor Crosby agreed. 


Alderman Anderson said they needed to decide what they want.  They have 12 laid out.  At the last meeting, they were talking about 9 to 10 in number.  Mayor Crosby said that it was the worse scenario, the most lighting.   It said it was just a projection.  Vice Mayor Gill said they could end up like Kingston Springs with 4 or 5 high mass.  Mayor Crosby said no. 


Alderman Ruth stated that as a result of their discussion at the Meeting last month, somebody suggested that it would be helpful to talk to the TDOT engineer.  She said she was in the process of organizing Mayor Bradley, Mayor McCarver and Mayor Orange and the engineer, Mr. Jones, from the Transportation Department.  Mr. Jones told her he would not be available until into January.  She said her intent was to clear the date with the mayors prior to this Meeting and clear some dates with the Board for January when she thought the engineer was available so that everyone could meet with him.  Mayor Crosby said the lighting system would be handled by the Mayor in this office.  It would not be handled by anyone else other than the Mayor from this day forward.  It said the drawing was unacceptable.  It would waste Coopertown's money.


Alderman Gill stated that you're looking at $11,000 for each of the four parts extra, and then you wouldn't have to deal with it again.  Mayor Crosby stated that Mr. Orange and Mr. McCarver both said once they invest in this, that was it.  It would be left to Coopertown to make any changes.  He asked Brian if that was correct, and Brian said yes. 


Mayor Crosby said they have a drawing before them.  It will not exceed the 12 or the 16 and could possibly come in lower than the 12 or the 16.  He thinks 12 will light them up like the Briley Parkway exit.  He said the Kingston Springs exit is lit up beautifully.  He said it doesn't have any blind spots.  He was asked if it was relatively the same area that Coopertown has.  Mayor Crosby said it was not as big.  Alderman Anderson asked if TDOT has been out to look at the area.  Mayor Crosby said they have not done any preliminary.  All they have gone by is their measurements at the office.  Once Coopertown gives them what they want, then TDOT will go ahead with their preliminary design.  Alderman Anderson said if Pleasantview and Cheatham County do not want to participate, can Coopertown go ahead and light part of the interstate section and then come back and light up another section.  Alderman Muhlstadt stated he wanted to get the support for the lights.  Pleasantview might be more likely to go in if they saw a lower figure.  When you show them 450, they go forget about it.  Alderman Ruth said that when they had the letter from Cheatham County that they voted on in July '05 that was based on the fact that everybody would participate.  Robertson County hadn't voted yet.  Mayor Crosby stated they had commitment from Robertson County the day before.  Alderman Ruth stated the original commitment that the Board voted for unanimously was $18,000 or $18,500.  Vice Mayor Gill said in July 2005.  She said that was what they agreed to.  She said the contact didn't come through until this past July.  She said they knew at one point that Pleasantview, Coopertown and Cheatham County were all in agreement for the $18,000 figure.   Now the cost is $44,000.  She said when they voted on the $18,000, they didn't have a schematic.   She said the letter came from Cheatham County.  Mayor Crosby stated that the letter was from 5 or 6 years ago, so they could say Cheatham County has misled them.  Alderman Ruth stated it was from a year and a half ago.  Mayor Crosby said that in a year and a half concrete prices have changed 3 times.


Alderman Muhlstadt said the plan can and does change depending on who you talk to and who draws it up, but what doesn't change is the price that Robertson and Pleasantview were willing.  Vice Mayor Gill said they were presented with 45 foot poles apparently.   He said he didn't go to TDOT and asked them for a redrawing of 45 foot pole.  Alderman Ruth stated she didn't.  Vice Mayor Gill stated that the letter said she did.  She said she asked them about down-lighting because of it lighting up the sky and some citizens had asked her about that. 


Mayor Crosby said they needed a starting place to get an exact count.   He said they will still probably have to borrow money to complete the project if they are going to do it and do it correct and not cut corners.  He said they had one exit that had done that, and Ms. Saxton they had to come back 3 or 4 years later and tear it out and put in high rise because that wouldn't work. 


Alderman Muhlstadt suggested getting done what they can with the commitments they have from Robertson County, Cheatham County and Pleasantview.  He is not totally sure they are out of this plan.  He thinks they are a little bit off track.  He thinks a little bit of talking and they will come back to the table.   Alderman Ruth said she thinks it is worth talking.  She has talked to Mayor McCarver, as of the day before, he was not willing to participate.  She says it bears worth keeping the dialogue.   Alderman Muhlstadt said they should do as much with $335,000.   Mayor Crosby said you go by a drawing or an estimate.   He asked how much 100 foot poles could they get to light up the interchange for $335,000.  Mayor Crosby said when you use the 100 foot poles you have to take into consideration, they want to make sure there are no dark spots on the interstate.  In order to have no dark spots, you would have to have 12.  Mayor Crosby said that was the main concern.  


Alderman Muhlstadt stated that what it sounded like to him from reading the article is that Pleasantview wanted to back out of it at the last minute.   Alderman Ruth said that no, having spoke to him directly, he was very concerned that they were not told that they were having a closed meeting.   Mayor Crosby said that was a lie.  Alderman Muhlstadt said Pleasantview has everything to gain from this and may try to get this done without chipping in a dime.  Alderman Ruth said she talked to Mayor McCarver several months ago when she first started working on the project and they were very anxious to participate.  They had the money in the budget.   Alderman Muhlstadt said so the meeting was proven by MTAS not to have been in violation of the Sunshine Law, that he backed out and made the comments that he made in his paper so quickly that makes him want to back out entirely.  He stated he doesn't really believe that.  Alderman Ruth suggested he call and speak to him.  She felt she did have a pretty clear understanding after talking with him.  After the last meeting, she talked to Mayor Bradley and Mayor Orange personally and got a very different perspective on their view than what they were presented with at the meeting.  As far as their willingness to accept the $500,000 figure.  Alderman Muhlstadt said it's the $500,000 figure, not the Sunshine Law, and Alderman Ruth stated it was both.  Alderman Ruth suggested he call.   Alderman Muhlstadt said he didn't say anything about a $500,000 figure in his article.   He would like them to contribute, but since most of the area is in Coopertown, they should do so.  The figure doesn't have to scare them away.  Alderman Ruth said she called him after the article regarding Coopertown holding up the project.  She told him they were ready to go.  


Alderman Muhlstatdt said the Board was for it, but not for a set plan.  Alderman Ruth stated they were presented a dollar figure by Jack Long, divided by 4, resulted in $18,000 or $18,500 for each government in July '05.   It's been standing there, and Ms. Sarter at TDOT told her she sent the contract to Jack Long in July.   She said that was the first she knew that they had been sent a contract.  It was not presented to them. 


Alderman Muhlstadt said if Pleasantview is going to benefit from the project, then they should chip in.  If they were so on board before, it should not be hard to get them back to the table.  Alderman Ruth stated it was Pleasantview and Cheatham County who initiated the whole thing a couple of years ago.  He said he wants them back involved.  


Vice Mayor Gill said it would be $400,000 if they join or not.   Alderman Ruth stated they had a plan drawn up by the State Highway engineer that she was sure was not useless.   Mayor Crosby said it was useless.  He said they put one in like this, and tore it out 3 or 4 years later.   It's a lot of money to invest.  Alderman Ruth said "you don't always need to buy the Cadillac either.  Sometimes the Chevy will get you there. 


Vice Mayor Gill stated one said partial lighting, another said required to provide safe and uniform lighting at the interchange.  Alderman Muhlstadt said as he sees it, it says there are 16- 45's in there.   There was discussion of the drawings.  Alderman Anderson asked if they need 4 on the on and off ramps.  Mayor Crosby said from what he and Brian had seen you will need them.   Vice Mayor Gill said it was the worse scenario with everything.  Alderman Ruth asked if they should invite the engineer to come back and talk with them.   Mayor Crosby said no.  Alderman Muhlstadt said he would just like to get several plans.  He said he is for uniform lighting if it is necessary.  He doesn't want anybody else to be thrown off by the figure.   If they can go in at a lower price and they have to go more because of more of it being in Coopertown, then he wouldn't be opposed to it.   He said he is surprised Pleasantview has not put up more street lights on 49 as you go through.  That made him feel like if Pleasantview didn't want to do it for their own city, why would they want to do it for this interchange.  Mayor Crosby stated the drawing he was holding was the worse scenario.  TDOT will not do anything until they have a contract. 


Alderman Ruth said you can't count on a price going down.  What they told her was they try to be accurate, but you don't know.  She wouldn't count on the price being lower.  Mayor Crosby said this is the highest price it will cost them.   If they use less, it will drop. They have to come out and measure.  Once they get it done, they can give you an exact before they proceed.   He said they have already bent over backwards from all the changes.  He said they need to get a starting area.  Alderman Ruth said the only change they made was because Mayor Crosby asked them to.  Mayor Crosby said he never asked for "this period.  When he called them, he asked for the 90 footers.  He said he didn't see it until he called and said he asked for it a year ago, and he hadn't seen it.  Alderman Ruth said "she told me they sent it to Jack in July.   She said somewhere there is a contract with a plan.   Mayor Crosby stated he is not putting up anything that they don't have anywhere else in the State of Tennessee.   He said where they did have it, they tore it out, so that's self-explanatory. 


Alderman Muhlstadt said he understood the Mayor didn't want to "half-ass it, but asked if they go with the $330,000, Pleasantview will chip in their share. If they want to go back and add lights, they will do it themselves.  He said get the most they can with that dollar amount and everyone chipping in.  Mayor Crosby said you either do a partial lighting or you do a full lighting.   Alderman Muhlstadt said the full lighting would require more and would raise the price and their share, which he is not opposed to as long as they agree how to raise the money or fund that share.  Do they want to borrow the money, to do it right they may need to.  He said he just doesn't want to do anything that is overkill, that they end up having to pay for in 5 years.  He doesn't want it to strain them on a budget.


Mayor Crosby said if they run it through a loan, they could do it over a 7 year period, 6 year period, 5 year period.  Alderman Muhlstadt said they don't even know how much they would need to borrow.  He said they need to know the commitment of everyone, and if that requires having a plan, they go with that plan.   Mayor Crosby said until Coopertown decides on what they are going to do, they won't.  He said no one from that Board is going to have contact with either of them until they know exactly what they are going to do.   He doesn't want anymore confusion.  Alderman Muhlstadt said he doesn't like the 45 foot lighting.  It's more maintenance with a bucket truck, etc.  


Alderman Ruth said they do need to hear from the other entities.  When she talked to Mayor Orange, he personally does not want the really tall towers.  Alderman Muhlstadt said that's what separates a well-lit interstate.  Mayor Crosby said that Mayor Orange said in their meeting they were going to be lighting up Exit 31 also.   Alderman Ruth said they were in agreement to proceed here, but what he indicated to her was if the price went up significantly to the $535,000 figure, then he maybe he couldn't come up with the funding for that. 


Mayor Crosby said like with the $535,000 that's what you get from the engineers. He wants them to come to a decision before anything else is being said.  He said use the money to where you don't have to come back every 3 years and spending the same amount of money, just wasting.  Alderman Ruth said nobody told them they were going to have to change it every 3 years.  Mayor Crosby said the place where they had it, 3 or 4 years after they had it put in, changed it.  It will not light up that exit.  He said it is poor.  Alderman Ruth said it is his opinion.  Mayor Crosby said in his opinion it is not good for Coopertown.  Alderman Ruth stated it might be all they can afford to do right now.   She said they haven't talked to the engineer.  Vice Mayor Gill said they have a high end of $450,000, worse case scenario.   Alderman Ruth stated that what was voted on last month was the $500,000, but it turns out the design fee was not included, so it turns out it should have been $535,000.  That's been approved contingent upon Robertson County participating.  


Mayor Crosby asked Mr. Niec if that $450,000 is everything, design fee and everything.  Mr. Niec answered yes, that's what he told him.  Mayor Crosby said he doesn't want anymore discussion with any other entity until they have it in writing what they are going to do.  They are jumping back and forth.  He said he's tired of it.  He said if they need to borrow the money, they are all big boys and girls.  They understand you have to spread things out.  Most people don't pay cash money for their home.  Some do.  You come up with a plan and go forward.  He said the one plan, he'll vote against it because it is a bad investment.  This is why he asked the mayors to come together.  He said he doesn't know where the one plan came from, who asked for it to be drawn, it sure was not anything he asked for.  He said to make up their minds, or table it.


Vice Mayor Gill made a motion to accept the $450,000 from Mr. Hyatt they received December 18.  Mayor Crosby asked if there was a second.  Alderman Anderson said he would like to have more discussion on it.   If they set the plan in motion, they would go back to Cheatham County and Pleasantview and then the ball will be in their court whether they accept it or not.  Mayor Crosby said Mayor Bradley said they are in for $45,000, regardless of what they come up with.  He said that was what all 3 of them said.  At the meeting the other day, they weren't open for looking at the correct way of doing it, they were only concerned with the one way.  He said he tried to discuss a full lighting package with them that they could get for a $10,000 to $15,000 price more per entity instead of doing this, and then he found out from Mayor McCarver and Mayor Orange that when it was done initially, they were on their own.   Mayor Crosby said to make money, you have to invest money.  Alderman Ruth asked if they know what kind of money they are going to get on their investment.  He said go to the exits with high rises and see how congested they are.  She stated they don't have any hard figures yet as to how long it will take to recoup their investment.  Alderman Anderson said they don't have a hard figure as to how much it will be to do the project.


Mayor Crosby said it is $450,000 max, with the 12 mass and the 16 45's.  That's the worse scenario.  Alderman Anderson asked if he is going to go back to the mayor of Pleasantview and Cheatham County and have them come up and discuss this.  He wants them back on board.  Mayor Crosby stated they would send them a package.   Alderman Anderson said you want something to send them, and Mayor Crosby said yes.  Alderman Anderson said we don't need something that we will have to go back and fix.  Alderman Ruth said to find that out from the experts.  Mayor Crosby said they have told them that, and Alderman Ruth said they didn't tell her that.   Mayor Crosby said that's what they told Brian and himself at the meeting, and it was on tape.  He told her she can call them.  He said if it hadn't been sent out to other entities, they wouldn't be going back and forth. 


Alderman Muhlstadt asked how difficult it was to get the plans, if it costs Coopertown a lot of money.  Mayor Crosby said it was a courtesy thing.  Alderman Muhlstadt asked if he could make out three more, one with 10- 100 footers, one with 12- 100 footers.  He said he would like to see a plan with 10 100 footers and 12- 100 footers, and the prices on those.  He said he felt like they were going to vote on a $450,000 project, and he wasn't prepared to vote on that.   Vice Mayor Gill said they would not know until they get out there and do the measurements, and they won't do that until they have a commitment.  Alderman Anderson stated that whatever it is, there will be a grant for 50%, minus whatever the other entities chip in.  Mayor Crosby stated they already know Robertson County is in for their 45.   Alderman Muhlstadt asked if essentially they need to vote on having uniform coverage or partial lighting as a start.   Alderman Ruth said she didn't think they had to vote at all to get the understanding from the other governments.   Mayor Crosby said no one is sending out anything else to any other government until this Board decides what to do.  No one has that power other than the Mayor's office.   Alderman Ruth stated she has as much, if not more, right than the City Recorder.  Mayor Crosby stated under his command.  She responded that she is a completely independent, elected official, and she will talk to whoever she cares to.  Mayor Crosby told her she is no longer handling this.  She said that's fine, he can tell her she no longer officially handling it, but she will talk to whoever she cares to because she would like to get the accurate information.  Mayor Crosby told her she is no longer representing "this to anyone.   She said she would get the accurate information herself, and if anyone cares to ask her about it she would be glad to share it.  Mayor Crosby said that's fine.  Alderman Ruth tried to state what her point was, and Mayor Crosby stated he is not interested in her point.  He asked if he had a motion.  Vice Mayor Gill made the motion.   Alderman Muhlstadt asked him to repeat the motion.   Vice Mayor Gill said that they go ahead with the $450,000 in the fax they received from Mr. Hyatt, which will be $225,000 to them, and split however the other guys go.  Alderman Ruth asked how they would pay for it if nobody decides to participate.  Vice Mayor Gill responded that he didn't know.   Alderman Ruth stated that you have the cart before the horse, you don't just vote to spend amounts of money when you don't know where it's going to come from.  He stated you have to start somewhere. 


Vice Mayor Gill restated his motion that they go with the $450,000 cap they received from Mr. Hyatt the day before to at least get this started to find out how they are going to do it.   He said if they don't do anything that night, they won't get an accurate figure unless they do something.   Coopertown is the only one that Tennessee Department of Transportation will go into contract with.  Until they said they are going to do something concrete, they won't even bring a tape measure.  He said they have to decide to do something.  It's an estimated cost.  He said he can't say how much it's going to cost, how much mr. Bradley or Pleasantview's mayor or Cheatham County's mayor is going to give.  Pleasantview's mayor has already run his mouth, and he doesn't know what he's going to do.  He stated as Coopertown city leaders, they have to decide to do something.  Alderman Ruth asked if wasn't it logical to know what everybody's participation was.  Vice Mayor Gill stated they know that they've got 45 from Mr. Bradley, and Mayor Crosby said yes.  Mayor Crosby said he would take Mr. Orange and Mr. McCarver at his word.   Alderman Anderson asked if they would commit to the 45, and Mayor Crosby stated that they said they would not.  Because Mr. McCarver got in the newspaper with his Sunshine Law and misquoted the law completely.   Vice Mayor Gill stated that the aldermen he spoke with over there said they have nothing to do with what Mr. McCarver said.  They are for the lighting project.   Mayor Crosby said one he talked to said they weren't going to do it, but the other ones said they are going to light this exit.  He said that he has a board to deal with.


Alderman Ruth stated that the prior amount of $44,000, she thinks that Pleasantview and Cheatham County already had that programmed in their budget.  It was asked if it was 45 from Pleasantview and 45 from Cheatham, and he was to that was correct.  Mayor Crosby said they have last Tuesday commitment on tape for $44,000.  It was stated TDOT will pay 50% of the project cost.  They have not agreed to a specific cost.  That's 225, less 90, less 45, and then that's their share.  Alderman Ruth said it was 44,374 everyone's share at the last one.  Alderman Muhlstadt asked with the uniform lighting, what was their share after Robertson County, Cheatham and TDOT.   Alderman Anderson said they way he figured it, if you get the 90 from Cheatham and Pleasantview, 45 from Robertson, that would leave Coopertown with 90,000.  Vice Mayor Gill said they need to take into consideration that unless they get something out there, they will not get any businesses there.  Alderman Muhlstadt said he felt like he was voting on $450,000, and Mayor Crosby said no, he was voting on $225,000.  Vice Mayor Gill said it would be no more than that.  Alderman Muhlstadt asked if they would be able to vote on another dollar amount later.  Mayor Crosby said this is the worst case scenario.  Vice Mayor Gill said he's never seen an interchange with 12 high mass and 16- 45's.  Alderman Ruth asked why don't they get it drawn accurately before they commit to it.  Alderman Muhlstadt said he saw Donnie's point, they need to have a high end plan.   It was stated that until they commit, the State will not come out give an accurate plan.  Alderman Ruth stated they will draw plans like they have in their hands. 


Mr. Niec said he went to the bank to make a regular deposit, and the bank president said a lot of people are interested, but one of the projects that needs to be is lighting.  In talking with Mr. Pennington, he bought property up there, they were talking about monthly income, and he was estimating around $20,000 per month the city of Coopertown would receive.  From one motel.  Alderman Ruth said her understanding was they got money from the restaurants and stores.  Mayor Crosby said they need a starting point.   If the other two entities don't come on, you are still looking at $200,000.  You're looking at borrowing $150,000, $160,000.  He stated that's no money to invest into the exit.  Alderman Ruth said she disagreed; it was a lot of money.  Mayor Crosby said in development, it was small change.  The building permit on the hotel will give you a huge amount of money back. 


Mr. Niec said Citgo, Hollingsworth Oil is going to tear it down and put it what is on the other side.  Mayor Crosby said that is what they have been told; they do not have that in writing.  Mayor Crosby said he has a motion, did he have a second.  Vice Mayor Gill was asked to restate his motion, that they go with the $450,000 cap that they received from Mr. Hyatt.  Alderman Muhlstadt if what they spent on this project would be contingent on what the Finance Committee approved, or is that above and beyond the Finance Committee?  Alderman Ruth said that that is the way Robertson County, Cheatham County and Pleasantview all operate.  Mayor Bradley told her he would have to present it to his Board.  If it looked like something they wanted to consider, they would give it to their budget committee.  She said she thinks that's a function of the Finance Committee.   She said if one of the options is to finance it, then they could talk to the banks about terms. 


Mayor Crosby said they have the first reading that night.  By that time next month, they will have all the answers, by the second reading.  He is asking for a starting point.  Robertson County has said they are in for 45.  Mayor Crosby said he doesn't want anymore confusion.  Alderman Ruth stated they have 2 standing votes, one from last month and one from July '05.  Alderman Muhlstadt seconded the motion.  Mayor Crosby said the vote from last month was on a complete lighting system.   Alderman Ruth said she is pointing out the Board approved the 535 last month contingent on Robertson County agreeing, so they have 2 outstanding approvals.   Vice Mayor Gill voted yes.  Alderman Anderson voted yes.  Alderman Muhlstadt voted yes.  Alderman Ruth voted no. 


b.  Ordinance 2006-08:  Unlawful Use of a Weapon or Firearm within a Subdivision.  Second reading.  The ordinance was changed.  Mr. Niec stated they should have the section.  It was asked if this was the second reading, and Mayor Crosby said no, it was the first reading.  He said in talking with John, he explained to the Mayor that there was a state law for reckless endangerment, but this ordinance is for when Billy Bob goes out 10 or 11:00 at night, discharging a firearm up in the air as in older days.  That would be what the ordinance is needed for.  If a gun is just firing up in the air, that's not reckless endangerment.  They have had in the past firearms being discharged in the City of Coopertown, 10, 11, 12:00 at night.  Mayor Crosby asked Chief Barrera to explain what they talked about.  Chief Barrera stated that under Tennessee Code annotated, he spoke with John Holt at length, and he has in his practice a criminal defense attorney who gave an opinion.  Reckless endangerment is a misdemeanor charge.  Chief Barrera read TCA 39-13-103, reckless endangerment.  Chief Barrera said if they go to a scene where a citizen has been outside discharging his firearm, he has to be able to articulate to the judge that a particular individual was in danger.  If there was nobody around, he cannot articulate that.  The direction that Mr. Holt gave them, he said, makes sense in that, they are not saying you can't carry weapons.  But if you have permits to carry a sidearm, or you are a hunter, that's not something they are going to deal with.  What they are going to deal with is discharging a weapon inside an area that is populated.  The ordinance they are proposing speaks specifically about the discharge.  It gives the Police the ability to come in, and if they can't articulate that there is a danger, they can say we don't want you discharging your firearm in the subdivisions.  By ordinance, they fine them, issue a citation, they bring them into City Court.  They are not restricting anybody from their legal and constitutional right.  They are saying they want to ensure the safety of the community.  If you fire a bullet, it has to go somewhere.  He says he spoke to the DA and John Holt, and they were very clear that he has got to say that somebody is in particular danger.  If he cannot say that, he cannot arrest them.   That's the reason for the ordinance.  Alderman Ruth asked if they were not endangering someone, wouldn't be like public nuisance.   She asked if it would be covered under disturbing the peace.  Chief Barrera said no, that John Holt said this gives them some legal teeth in that particular situation.   Alderman Ruth asked if it had been a problem.  He said this was from a case from where a firearm was discharged, and an animal was killed.  He said it was not handled correctly by the police.  He said no, he doesn't get calls about.  


Chief Barrera discussed a call he received from Alderman Muhlstadt regarding a concern from a constituent about a firing range, and they went out and checked it out. 


Alderman Ruth said she just wanted to get a sense if it had been a problem.  Chief Barrera said it had been in the past, but he has not had to deal with that particular issue.  He says he agrees with John and the District Attorney.   The question was asked if it would offer protection for those not in a subdivision, but in a built-up area.   He has investigated a few of those.  They could broaden the scope on that in the ordinance.  He said it is still officer's discretion.  It covers someone going out and firing their weapon, with the exception being protecting your life. 


Motion was made by Alderman Anderson, and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


A ten minute break was taken.


Chief Dave Barrera gave his report.  During the month of November, the Police Department had 603 calls.  That is a huge increase from the previous month.  The Sheriff's Department doesn't have the resources.  After speaking with Mr. Saunders, who lives across the street from Mr. Childs, that when he made a call, their words to him were we stop at the city limits.  The Police Department has good people.  During the month of November, they issued 200 citations.  They stopped a total of 203 individuals.  The demographics:  97 were male white, 50 were female white, 22 were male black, 9 were female black, 16 were male Hispanic, and 3 were female Hispanic, and 3 were other, meaning other origin.  Percentage wise 47% were male white, 24% female white, 10.8% were black, 4.4% were female black, 7.8% were Hispanic males, and 1.4% were female Hispanic, 1.4% were male others, .09% were Asian.  That data runs consistent.  He stated that they are not profiling, do not profile, and have not. 


Chief Barrera stated that in November they took a total of 75 reports.  They issued 13 State citation, 10 juvenile citations, had 12 physical arrests, issued 168 warnings.  They had 1 injury accident and 9 property damage accidents.  The traffic data indicates that most of that has occurred on Highway 49.  This month the large number has been occurring there at the Interstate off and on ramps.  There were 5 DUI arrests last month.  They have had several successful sobriety checkpoints.  One will be on the 23rd of this month, and one on January 1. 


Chief Barrera dicussed the successfulness of the training program at the Police Department.  He recently had training on methamphetamine.  Atlanta, Georgia is the eastern seaboard hub for meth.  It is transported from Mexico through the interstate system.  He spoke to the Franklin Police chief.  They have a drug dog that seized 1.5 million dollars in cash alone last year.  That money goes straight to the drug fund for that police department.  That dog alone pays for his police department.  He said they are in the process of seeking a drug dog.  He said they have hired 3 more officers, one of which had 6 years drug experience.  He will be a big asset to the department.  He stated they just completed a 2 week drug training in Mississippi with their detective and one of their officers.  The school resource officer just completed training in Orlando, Florida on gangs.  That is a required course he has to have.   Drugs and gangs are in the schools.  The SRO and Sgt. Porter keep a good control over what happens in the schools.  So far, there have not been a lot of problems. 


Chief Barrera also discussed the Police Department's intern.  He was very complimentary of the intern.  He is a technological genius.   They had a contract with him where they sent him to the training academy.  It will cost $2,000 to send him to the academy.  He said he has enough in his drug fund to pay for the academy.   He is obligated to them for 2 years.   Once he is trained, there will be enough for 3 officers per shift. 


He was asked what other plans he had for the drug fund.  Chief Barrera stated he could pay for equipment, chairs, guns, etc.   He could pay for the drug dog.  He said it is a separate fund set up by State law, separate from the budget. 


He was asked how long the officer has been with the Department.  He was hired in July of this year as an intern.   He works as the chief's administrative assistant right now.  The officer with the drug experience was hired the previous Friday.  He discussed the hiring process for the new officers hired. 


He brought up Hands Up Coopertown.  He said the program has taken off like wildfire.  They have $1,770 in the fund that was from cash contributions from citizens and businesses throughout the community.  They have a storeroom full of food, clothes and toys.  There are 4 families that have been identified.  The first one was in the news.  They live in the community.  The referrals came from the schools and different people throughout the community.  


Chief Barrera was asked the cause of the wrecks on the on and off ramps on the Interstate, and he answered speed and inattentive driving.  He was asked if they were cited for speeding, and he said yes.  Chief Barrera said he and Mr. Rivera sat down and calculated the average speed that citations are written for.  For the month of November, it was 21 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.   He said how can you say it's a speed trap when you are going 20 miles over the posted speed limit. 


He said Colonel Ruth had talked to him about people driving fast up and down Highway 49.   He had one stop for 72 right in front of Colonel Ruth's house.  He had his back radar on, 3 went by him doing 75 with his lights on.  He said when people say they are a speed trap, speed on, because they will stop you.   He stated Highway 49 is not a safe road.   


Mayor Crosby asked Chief Barrera to pass something out.  It was back to '05 and tickets, and he said he wanted to let everybody know it will be used in some court dealings that will be coming up.  It is a demographic done in reviewing the tickets on the differently nationalities, male, female, etc.  There were 1457 tickets were issued,  which included a complete breakdown of the tickets. 


c.                   Ordinance 2006-09.  Replaces Section 2 of the Ordinance 2003-05 in its entirety.  Second Reading.  This is on how the meetings will be run with public notice and how things will be done in public meetings.  Mayor Crosby asked if there were any questions.  Alderman Ruth said it looked like they had agreed to post the minutes 5 working days in advance.   Alderman Muhlstadt said his interpretation was that it wasn't in the Ordinance, that they had a common understanding on that.  Motion was made by Vice Mayor Gill and seconded by Alderman Anderson.  The motion passed unanimously. 


IX.               New Business:


a.                  Ordinance 2006-10.  Amending the Budget for FY 2005-2006.  First Reading.  Mayor Crosby asked Mr. Niec to explain what the Aldermen had before them.  Mr. Niec stated that basically what it was was they finished up the budget for 2007.  This was going back and recapping the fiscal year 2005 through June 2006.  In working with MTAS and Ralph Cross, this is the final section.  This is the last thing.  It is a housekeeping issue.  There are 3 sections to it.  One is the budget consists of available funds and appropriations as listed in Section 2 and Section 3, be amended for the fiscal year 2005 through June 30.  Section 2 is available funds for the said budget are as follows.  Total cash for all funds was $1,801,417.  Mayor Crosby stated that was what they took in last year.  Section 3 is appropriations for the said budget.   Total appropriations for all funds was $1,451,946.  Mayor Crosby asked if Ralph Cross verified all of it, and Mr. Niec said yes.   Mayor Crosby asked for any questions.  Alderman Ruth asked about Section 3 where it says appropriations, that's the actual spent.  She was told yes.  Motion was made by Vice Mayor Gill and seconded by Alderman Ruth.  Motion passed unanimously.


b.                  Ordinance 2006-11.  Zoning Ordinance, Replaces Ordinances 97-01, 97-03, 97-6, 99-14, 99-19, 01-15, and 02-027.  First Reading.   Mayor Crosby asked Brian to come forward and explain.  Mr. Rettaliata stated that what the Board had in front of it was the recommendation that the Planning Commission is making relative to changes in the Ordinance.  When the Ordinance was passed in 1997 and amended a couple of times, they went back and looked at it in its entirety, and their recommendation is that the document in front of them be adopted in its entirety to replace what they have.  The majority of changes they are addressing are merely housekeeping, and they range from correcting erroneous cites to the TCA code which authorized Coopertown to govern zoning.  It cleans up a lot of language leftover from Robertson county.  The document was drawn based on county government controlling the zoning.   It also cleans up language in the document where there would be specificity to a fee so that everytime you changed the fee, you had to go back and change the document.  They deleted those fee references and replaced the fee language.  The most significant change in the document is Article 6 which deals with 3 things.  It creates an overlay district, and within that document you deal with 3 specific issues.   It's the community residential/retail-type of development where everything is clustered together.  He stated those developments have very specific regulations.  The second section of that Article deals with conservation design only districts, which deals with subdivision regulations.  It more specifically addresses that any developments after enacting this Ordinance will have to meet the requirement that at least 50% of the space in that development is left open, green space.  The third part deals with flood plan regulations.  He stated his recommendation was that the Board approve it.   He asked if there were any questions.  Motion was made by Alderman Anderson.   Motion was seconded, and it passed unanimously.  Alderman Ruth about people wanting to see the Ordinance before the Second Reading, and Mr. Rettaliata said they could see Mr. Niec.


c.                  Resolution 2006-09.  Provide the Coopertown Men's Club with $2,000.00 from the Legal/Landfill Fund for the purchase of Christmas gifts for those families in need.   Mayor Crosby stated that the Men's Club contacted him and said they had 73 different kids that were needing help.   He was told it was normally between 30 and 38.   He talked about offering to refund the fund money after everything was over, and people called and said to keep it and use it for the benefit of Coopertown.  There is about $2,800.00 in the fund.   Colonel Ruth stated that they closed the whole thing out the previous night.   They went to WalMart and spent $4,000, and it turned out to be about 53 that they got from the elementary school.   He stated they bought plenty of stuff the previous night.


d.                  Approval for the disbursement of $8,418.47 for the cost of training, salary and transportation of one officer to the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy.  Mayor Crosby stated this is the officer Chief Barrera was talking about.  This is for when the officer is in school.  There was discussion regarding the money.   Chief Barrera stated he is working as an intern.   Alderman Ruth exactly what Chief was asking.  He said the drug fund allows him to pay for training.  This officer is already in his salary budget.   They need to give him $2,000 to go to the academy.   The City will not fund anything.  There was discussion among the Board regarding the officer.  Chief Barrera said he understands the Mayor's reluctance regarding the officer.   He believes he will be an asset to the Department.   Chief Barrera said he is willing to go the extra mile for this young man.  He has to be full-time to go to Post Academy.   The young man's salary is figured in the Chief's budget.  Chief Barrera said in his budget there is $750.00 for training, and he can't train police officers on that.   Chief Barrera said they hire only post-certified officers.   The question was how long is the academy, and the answer was 8 weeks.  Alderman Ruth moved for the Chief to send the officer to the Academy and seconded.   The motion passed unanimously.


e.                  Approval for the disbursement of $3,600.00 for the development and printing of the Coopertown Police Department Policy & Procedure Manual.    Mayor Crosby stated that this has been reworked and Keenan's is retyping it and fixing it.   He said it is over the Mayor's spending limit, so it has to be approved by the Board.  It is already being done, and it was being done before he returned.  Alderman Ruth asked if this amount was in his budget, and Mayor Crosby stated the Police Department has nothing in it.   Everything was stripped out of it other than payroll.   He said the one they were using, E.J. and Burgess had put in forth with the Board's approval.  He stated they needed the Board's approval.   He said the Board has to agree to all the changes.  Motion was made and seconded.  The Motion passed unanimously. 


X.                 Communications from Mayor.


Mayor Crosby stated that Alderman Muhlstadt took Mr. Long's place on the Board.   Mr. Muhlstadt has been sitting on the Finance Committee for awhile, and the Mayor has appointed him to take over the Finance Committee.  They will be adding more members to it. 


Mayor Crosby asked Vice Mayor Gill and Alderman Ruth regarding their service on the BGA and the Planning Commission.   They will be adding 2 or 3 more people to the Planning Commission.  Alderman Anderson made a motion that Alderman Gill stay on the board.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Alderman Anderson made motion that Alderman Ruth stay on the Planning Commission.  Motion was made, seconded.  Vice Mayor Gill voted no.  Alderman Anderson voted yes.  Alderman Muhlstadt voted yes.  Alderman Ruth voted yes.  The motion passed 3-1.


The next item was documentation regarding the schools.  Mayor Crosby stated he met with the football coach and baseball coach.  The football coach needs the help on the jerseys, pads to dress 15 more players.  It is $370 per child to dress them out for football.  That would be $5550.  The next thing the football coach said he needed was help with training was the blocking sled $2,800, six hand-held dummies $540.00.   It comes to around $9,000.  Mayor Crosby said his question to the football coach was would the Athletic Association do this. 


Mayor Crosby discussed the dugouts being dug and poured, and the concessions stand.   Dr. Morris is to get back with Mayor Crosby regarding the funds.  There was $9,000 appropriated for the football team in the budget according to Mr. Niec.   It was a total of around $40,000 divided between the two schools.   The school took care of the security system. 


Alderman Ruth asked about the Finance Committee talking about this, and Alderman Muhlstadt said not in this detail.  It wasn't to this extent.  The wish list was about $10,000.   Mayor Crosby said the school will have to go to the bank to get money for the bleachers.   Money has already been given to build a fence.  Mr. Niec stated that a lot of the stuff on the list has already been done. 


Mayor Crosby said the next page is on the baseball field, which is 90% complete for a cost of $14,402.50.  


These are things the coaches have come to Mayor Crosby on.  


Mr. Rivera interrupted the meeting briefly to replace the memory disc.


Alderman Anderson asked if they were asking the City to fund the whole $25,577.  Mayor Crosby said it takes care of the first page.   It was asked what they have raised, and Mayor Crosby said he did not have the figures.  He was told they made about $1,000 on each football game. 


There was discussion regarding the items requested and the cost of each.  Alderman Ruth thought the figure the Finance Committee was looking at was around $9,000.  Mayor Crosby said there is about $45,000 put in the budget for the schools.   


Mayor Crosby said the lights and the bleachers have not been taken care of.  Mayor Crosby said the school does really well with the concessions at the games.  Alderman Anderson said the Athletic Association should help themselves, as well as the City help. 


Alderman Ruth stated that it was her idea to arrive at an amount of money for each school, give it to the principal and let them give it out regarding computer, athletics, etc.   Alderman Anderson said the County does not help on the sports program.   Alderman Muhlstadt stated he wanted to make sure the concession stand got set up.   Mayor Crosby said regarding the lights, he has electricians willing to help, along with Cumberland Electric. 


Alderman Anderson asked if they become a high school, does the County help with the sports.  He said he believed they did.  Alderman Ruth stated she saw some heads nodding in the audience.  


Vice Mayor Gill stated that they are then coming to them for the $25,000 one top shot.    Mayor Crosby said they did a lot of work themselves on the ballfield.  Alderman Ruth asked if they could see the agenda and minutes for the October meeting.  Mr. Niec stated that the $9,000 was tabled for Alderman Scott because football season was over.   Alderman Ruth believes they committed to the coaches a certain amount. 


There was more discussion regarding what had been requested and what had already been given.  Alderman Anderson said he needs the money for the equipment.  There was discussion regarding what the Finance Committee had written into the budget. 


Mayor Crosby asked if the Board wanted him to prepare a resolution for the baseball field.  Alderman Anderson said if they had already committed to them.  Alderman Ruth stated they gave $10,000 to the elementary school for the computers.  


Alderman Anderson asked if there was more money in the budget appropriated for the school, and Alderman Ruth stated it was for donations. 


Mayor Crosby doses not want the Board to promise something and then when the work is done, go back and reneg.


Alderman Anderson said he wants a breakdown of what is spent when they give money to the schools.  Vice Mayor Gill stated he doesn't want them to turn into a cash cow.   Mayor Crosby said it ia amazing they have a county school, but the City is having to step up to the plate.   The City needs the assistance to accommodate meony for the county.  


Alderman Anderson stated that when his kids were in school, the took money out of their pocket.  Vice Mayor Gill said that in the long run, the ball fields would be good for Coopertown.     Mayor Crosby said they will have to work out the lights and the bleachers on their own.


Mr. Niec said it is his understanding that he should prepare for the next meeting a resolution that will include the baseball and football for $25,000.  Motion was made and seconded.  Vice Mayor Gill voted yes.  Alderman Anderson voted yes.  Alderman Muhlstadt voted yes.  Alderman Ruth voted no.  She stated that if it was put separate the way it had been prepared, but she can't make the leap from the 9 to the 25. 


Mayor Crosby asked if there was anything else.


There was discussion of adding on to the elementary school and doing away with the baseball field, and the building of a new one.  There was also discussion regarding the lighting. 


Meeting was adjourned.