Property Tax

Your Property Tax

Your Board of Mayor and Aldermen have identified road sections within Coopertown that are scheduled for resurfacing during the 2018 summer season using your tax dollars.

This work will begin around the first of May and last through the end of October depending on weather conditions, staffing, and the availability of asphalt. 

The county determines the property assessment value per Tennessee Law.  Robertson county property is assessed at ¼ the market value and Coopertown has levied a $.35 per $100 of assessed value. Of that $.25 goes to fire protection and $.10 goes to road maintenance.

There has been a new assessment for Robertson County in 2018. Due to this reassessment there will be a Town Hall Meeting held June 25, 2018 at Coopertown Middle School starting at 6:30. Please see the link below for further information

Property Tax Presentation


Visit- . This site will list your property market value.


to search for Property Tax information and payment



1- Who to make our payment to?
Coopertown City Hall.
2- Where do I send my payment to?
City Hall 2525 Burgess Gower Rd. Springfield, TN 37172
3- Did you send this to my mortgage company?
No, this was sent to you if you want your mortgage company to make the payment as they do for your county taxes you would need to contact them.
4- Is this tax different from what I send to Springfield?
Yes, this is a city tax that comes to Coopertown. What you send to Springfield is a county tax and completely separate from this.

If you have any other questions, please contact City Hall
615-382-4470 ext 214



 Real Property Tax; Ordinance 2016-017 approved September 27, 2016.