BZA 2005 October





OCTOBER 18, 2005


I.                     Call to order:


            Edmund A. Niec, Chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals called to order the regular meeting of the Coopertown Board of Zoning Appeals at 6:30 p.m. on October 18, 2005 in the city hall located at 2525 Burgess Gower Road.


II:          Roll call:


            Edmund A. Niec, Chairman, conducted a roll call. The following members were present:


Danny Crosby, Mayor

Peggy Ruth, Alderman

Edmund A. Niec, Chairman

Donnie Gill, Alderman

Ron Cooper, Community Planner



Tony Neal, Committee Member

John West, Committee Member

Ronnie Osborne, Committee Member

Darrell Boggs, Committee Member


II.                   New Business:


Case 05-23:  Mr. Tim Williams is requesting a variance of easements on his property located on Martins Chapel Road in the Autumn Hills subdivision. First reading.


Mr. Williams advised the board that he needs to install a special septic system on his lot which will require the drainage easements to be changed (removed).  Mr. Williams also requested a variance of the 60 foot required house setback. He wishes to place his house on the lot in a manner which will only allow a 40 foot setback.


After some discussion and review of the plat, Mr. Cooper advised the Board that Mr. Williams written application does not provide adequate reasons to change the setback. He advises Mr. Williams that he must observe the 60 foot setback.


Mr. Cooper advises that Mr. Williams will have to submit an amended plat in order to get the drainage easement off.  Mr. Williams expresses concern that his home construction has been delayed. Mr. Cooper suggests this case can be presented to the Planning Commission, meeting immediately following, so Mr. Williams's home construction will not be delayed any longer.


Chairman Niec adjourned the meeting at 6:45 p.m.


Minutes submitted by: Peggy Ruth, Alderman 

Minutes approved by: Edmund A. Niec, Chairman

ATTEST: Edmund A. Niec, City Recorder