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Remember the Removal 2010

Young Cherokee Cyclists retrace the northern route of the Trail of Tears on a journey called "Remember the Removal". Riders were selected by an advisory panel that interviewed and determined each candidate's interest and commitment to this project. There have only been two Remember the Removal rides. About twenty-five years ago a similar group of students undertook the same challenge during the first Remember the Removal ride.  Then in 2009, the Cherokee Nation revitalized the program teaching the riders Cherokee history and leadership. This year's Remember the Removal ride was more than 900 miles taking bicyclists 23 days to complete. Each day the riders travelled from 40 to 70 miles each day. On June 10th the riders came through the leg of the Trail of Tears that passes through Coopertown. We were fortunate to have them stop in for a rest. Staff at Coopertown City Hall, Rhoni Bogard, Vicky Bumgardner, and Rhonda Burnette as well as Alderman Lee and husband, James, Vice Mayor Peggy Ruth, former Mayor Ethel Spiller and husband Clyde, Community Development Secretary, Betty Winters and Robertson County Reporter/Photographer Jim Bellis were on hand to help hand out water, Gatorade, donuts, and granola bars to the cyclists.  We hope to see the Cherokee youth ride through the Town again in 2011!