PC 2007 November





November 19, 2007





                  I.    Call to Order


Chairman Rettaliata called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. on November 19, 2007 in the Town Hall located at 2525 Burgess Gower Road.


                II.    Roll Call


The following Planning Commission members were present:


      Brian Rettaliata, Chairman

      Danny Crosby, Mayor

      Robert Dale Anderson, Alderman

Richard Crutcher, Member




No one


Additional attendees:


Bo Logan, Representative, Tennessee Department of Economic and

Community Development

Greg Edrington, Highers, Koonce, & Associates, City Engineer


III.    New Business


        A.  Approval of Minutes from the prior meeting:


  Chairman Rettaliata asked for comments and/or corrections to the  

  Minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting held on October 16,  

  2007. No comments or corrections were offered. A motion to waive reading  

  of the minutes and approve as presented was made by Mr. Anderson and

  seconded by Mayor Crosby. By voice vote the minutes were

  approved unanimously.







B.   Resignation”Jamie Moore


Chairmen Rettaliata advised the members that Jamie Moore had resigned his position on the Commission effective at the end of the October meeting due to scheduling conflicts with his job. He indicated an interest in serving in the future if circumstances permitted.


C.   Final Plat Approval Doye Worrell, 1.06 acres, 3862 Windland Drive, Springfield, TN


Steve Artz, representing the applicant reviewed the plat for the subject property. After a brief discussion as to the set back requirements for accessory buildings the plat was approved unanimously on a motion by Alderman Anderson and seconded by Mayor Crosby.


D.   Preliminary Plat Approval Donald Edwards, 40.64 acres, Audrey's Reserve, Woodwind Circle, Springfield, TN


Steve Artz representing Donnie Edwards presented a preliminary plat for the subject parcel reflecting 50 building lots with an on site drip septic system. A discussion was held between Mr. Artz and members of the Commission as well as Messers. Edrington and Logan regarding various technical aspects of the site. A brief adjournment was then called to permit members of the public in attendance to review the plat. After reconvening on a motion by Mr Crutcher and seconded by Alderman Anderson the preliminary plat was approved subject to the following requirements:


(a)  creation of a 50 foot conservation easement at the rear of lots 1 through 14 and the platting of the lots to the property boundary.


(b)  creation of a 20 foot drainage easement and any additional conservation easement possible on the south side of the development.


(c)  establishment of the location and size of all proposed detention easements to accommodate proposed runoff.


(d)  entrances must comply with the required site distances as established in the Subdivision Regulations.


The members voted as follows:


Chairman Rettaliata”Yes

Mayor Crosby”No

Alderman Anderson”Yes

Mr. Crutcher”Yes





               III.      Old Business




         VI.     Discussion


       A discussion was held with Matt Marinko regarding his proposed mix   

       use development of 170 acres on the east side of Highway 49N  

       south of Ewell Elliott Road. Mr Marinko presented a conceptual

       drawing of the site reflecting 583 building lots averaging 6500 square

       feet with approximately 10 acres devoted to commercial/retail

       development. He indicated that the average home price would be

       approximately $120,000. A number of concerns were expressed by

       the members as well as Messers. Edrington and Logan regarding

       housing density, site topography, the lack of sufficient open space,

       traffic flow into and out of the property through a single entrance,

       conformation with the Town's Subdivision Regulations as well as the

       availability of water and sewer and the viability of commercial/  

       retail development on the property. At the end of the discussion Mr.

       Marinko indicated that he would consider the comments and get back

       to the Commission at a later date.


 V.    Adjournment


         On a motion by Mr. Crutcher and seconded by Mayor Crosby the meeting  

         was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.



                             Minutes submitted by: ___________________________

                                                                           Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman


       Minutes approved by: ____________________________

                                                                           Brian M. Rettaliata, Chairman


                               ATTEST:                   _____________________________

                                                                  Terri A. Brown, Town Recorder