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Your Property Tax

The Town has an average annual budget of about $1,000,000.00 for the past 20 years with little to no increase in revenue. The Town received its operating expenses through shared revenue with the State of Tennessee. This comes from fuel tax, sales tax, TVA tax and such.

The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department (PVVFD) presented the new three year contract last July with a large increase in expense. The Town budget could not cover this amount.

Coopertown Board of Mayor and Aldermen had two separate letters sent out to everyone on the Voter Registration list discussing the Fire Protection Payment.

There were two Town Hall Meetings held last summer with regards to this as well. It was posted on the Town web site, the I-24 Exchange, the Robertson County Connection, it was covered on Smoky Barn News, as well as being on the television news broadcast.

The Town has been paying the PVVFD for all emergency coverage including fire and medical within the Coopertown city limits. This contract is a three year contract and is reevaluated each time it comes up for renewal. The Town had been given the same rate $90,000 for several years until July of 2016 at which point it will doubled to $185,000 by the third year of the contract.

The previous Mayor and Board of Aldermen investigated all options to avoid a property tax including a Fire tax. Tennesse state law requires any county that has a municipal fire department within it to have a Fire Chief. Robertson County would need an Ordinance to reinstate a fire chief position and allocate budget money to cover their payroll. Robertson County said they could not and would not take on the extra expenses for only one town. They talked about owning their own fire department. The final decision was to sign the three year contract that was offered.

When Coopertown was incorporated in 1996, it was voted to have a property tax. It was set at 0 percent at that time but the option to raise it has always been there. Therefore it was not necessary to have a vote on the ballet the Mayor and Aldermen board had the power to raise it when needed.

The county determines the property assessment value per Tennessee Law.  Robertson county property is assessed at ¼ the market value and Coopertown has levied a $.35 per $100 of assessed value. Of that $.25 goes to fire protection and $.10 goes to road maintenance.

Example: ($250,000) x (0.25 county assessed of market value) x ($0.0035 (Coopertown city tax)) =  $218.75

Visit- . This site will list your property market value.


1- Who to make our payment to?
Coopertown City Hall.
2- Where do I send my payment to?
City Hall 2525 Burgess Gower Rd. Springfield, TN 37172
3- Did you send this to my mortgage company?
No, this was sent to you if you want your mortgage company to make the payment as they do for your county taxes you would need to contact them.
4- Is this tax different from what I send to Springfield?
Yes, this is a city tax that comes to Coopertown. What you send to Springfield is a county tax and completely separate from this.

If you have any other questions, please contact City Hall
615-382-4470 ext 214



 Real Property Tax; Ordinance 2016-017 approved September 27, 2016.